Best Priority Pass Lounge in Dubai

Best Priority Pass Lounge in Dubai

Dubai International Airport has cornered the market on luxury, comfort, and relaxing amenities throughout its terminals. As one of the busiest airports in the world, they also made sure to accommodate first-class selections when it comes to their lounges.

What is the best priority pass lounge in the Dubai airport? In the Dubai Airport, you will find a range of premiere lounges within different categories. The Priority Pass lounges have additional special benefits when you are a member.

Priority Pass Best Business / 1st Class
Ahlan Lounges Emirates First Class
Marhaba Lounges Lufthansa Business Class
SkyTeam Lounge British Airways Lounge
Plaza Premium Lounge  
Sleep ‘n Fly  

If you have purchased a Priority Pass, then all those lounges will be available to you. Access to the business class or first-class lounges will depend on the type of ticket you purchased, and the non-exclusive lounges will either be free or allow you to pay a small fee for access.

Also if you’re curious if the Emirates Lounge has showers, check that post out!

The Best Priority Pass Lounge in Dubai

The Ahlan Lounge at B was awarded the Regional Winner prize from Priority Pass for the year 2018 in the regions of Africa and the Middle East. Their attention to detail and finding the best ways to cater to all their clientele is unmatched.

The aesthetics of the lounge will remind you of an upscale restaurant or winery with beautiful wooden fixtures and ample natural light that beams in. For fans of watching the planes come and go, you will also have front row seats out the window of great views of the tarmac.

It is welcoming and classy at the same time and stays true to many of the décor ideas and styles that you will find around Dubai.

Highlights at the Ahlan Lounge:

  • Massive buffet with delicious and endless options
  • An open kitchen that provides appetizers, hot and cold entrees, snacks, desserts, and alcoholic beverages
  • Two massage chairs towards the end of the lounge
  • Comfortable furniture options such as large chairs, recliners, and couches
  • Partitions spread about the lounge, offering additional privacy

The Logistics

The Ahlan Lounge at B is located in Terminal 3, Concourse B. It is on the Departure Level’s Eastside, situated next to Gate B26. The entrance to the lounge is inside the Cadiz Tapas Bar. If you follow signs for Cadiz throughout the terminal, you will be on the right path.

Additional Information:

  • Maximum 5-hour stay
  • They are open 24-hours, daily
  • Children under 1-year-old are free
  • Complimentary alcoholic drinks are available on selected liquors
  • Disabled access
  • Offsite showers are available upon request

The Runner-Up for Priority Pass Lounges in Dubai

The Marhaba Lounge in Terminal 3 came in second place to the Ahlan lounge and received recognition from Priority Pass as “Highly Commended” for the African and Middle Eastern region in 2018.

With a modern aesthetic and a sprawling area filled with comfortable furniture and amenities, the Marhaba Lounge in Terminal 3 is relaxing and inviting. If there is space available, you can also book this lounge at the door, but with Priority Pass, you will always have entry covered.

Their buffet and dining options will have you covered for any meal of the day, along with alcohol, coffee, and tea available. This is a chic lounge where you will be able to relax, enjoy some great food, and watch some TV to unwind before your next flight.

A variety of amenities and family areas also make this an ideal lounge for a family traveling together.

Highlights at the Marhaba Lounge:

  • For an additional fee, they have separated shower facilities available for use
  • Runway views
  • Their menu boasts a diverse selection of various types of food
  • Wide variety of seating options making it ideal for someone looking to unwind, to families needing a place to share a meal together, or someone who needs to hold a business call or video conference.

The Logistics

The Marhaba Lounge is located in Terminal 3, on Concourse A. They are on the Departure Level’s West End. It is located between Gate A2 and A3.

Additional Information:

  • Maximum 4-hour stay
  • Children under 2-years-old are free
  • Family rooms are available upon request
  • Children’s play area available
  • Disabled access
  • Alcoholic beverages available

Other Highly Rated Priority Pass Lounges in Dubai

Priority Pass may have given the Ahlan and Marhaba lounges their prestigious awards in the region, but there are still several other beautiful options throughout the airport that you will have access to when you have Priority Pass.

These lounges all offer a different experience, vibe, and style, along with different amenities. One of the biggest perks to the Dubai Priority Pass lounges is their variety. There is an experience and a lounge for everyone.

SkyTeam Lounge

The SkyTeam lounge is a luxurious and large option, spanning close to 1000 square meters in the Dubai Airport. Their aesthetic is light and airy with soft beige, light wood tones, and relaxing vibes throughout the lounge.

You can tell they put a lot of meaningful thought behind their designs and architecture of the space. It looks unique to any other lounge you’ve seen and has a gorgeous flow throughout the space.

They offer a very cool virtual experience so you can look at the lounge before you decide to book space there, or while you are considering lounges that you may visit while using your Priority Pass. On the SkyTeam website, you will find a full virtual tour of the entire lounge.

Highlights at SkyTeam Lounge:

  • Children’s room available upon request with toys, books, and a whiteboard for drawing
  • Business center available to book
  • Separate TV room
  • Excellent dining options along with a full bar for alcoholic beverages
  • Showers available for a fee
  • Members are allowed one guest to join them by presenting their boarding pass for verification and a form of ID


The SkyTeam lounge is located in Terminal 1, on Concourse D. The SkyTeam lounge is located conveniently on the lounge level, near the Food Court. You will find it just across from the ‘DIH Lounge.’

Additional Information:

  • International flights only
  • Maximum 4-hour stay
  • Children under 2-years-old are free
  • Open 24 hours
  • Disabled access

Plaza Premium Lounge

The Plaza Premium lounge is a brand-new lounge that offers a great range of amenities, delicious food, and an excellent variety of package options if you are not a Priority Pass member. For information on what types of deals they are currently offering, you can always check the Plaza Premium Lounge website.

The lounge spans across an impressive 1,260 square meters and caters to every type of traveler seeking comfort during their travels. Their food is a delicious mixture of Asian, Arabic, and other International cuisines. You will always find freshly brewed coffee, an array of tea options, and a full bar for alcoholic options.

Their family suites are a main draw for bigger families who would like to book one. They will accommodate up to 6 family members, and the rooms come with their own personal butler to cater to their needs. It is a great way to have some private family time while you are in the middle of one of the busiest airports in the world.

Or for families not interested in a private room, they still offer a Kids’ Play Area that is equipped with sustainable wooden toys.

Highlights at SkyTeam Lounge:

  • Shower rooms available upon request for a fee
  • Four Family Suites available for booking
  • Their kitchen staff is meticulous regarding allergies, and they boast many vegetarian and vegan options


The Plaza Premium Lounge is located in Terminal 3 on Concourse A. You will find it on the 4th level for International Departures just past the Duty-Free shopping area.

Additional Information:

  • Maximum 3-hour stay
  • Children under 2-years-old are free
  • Disabled access
  • Open 24 hours

Sleep ‘n Fly

The Sleep ‘n Fly lounge is unlike any other lounge. It is part lounge, part hotel all packed into a small space. Their compact pods allow you to catch a one-hour power nap in between flights, all the way up to a full night’s sleep.

This lounge is the best way to get a restful sleep while not having to go and book a hotel. Their sleeping chambers are designed for minimalistic comfort, privacy, and style. Whether you are looking for a solid sleep or just some privacy to get away from the hustle and bustle of the airport, this lounge is a one-of-a-kind experience.

They offer four different styles:

Igloo Sleep Pod

  • Sleeps one
  • Bed Size: 200 x 74 cm
  • Cotton pillow, fleece blanket, and bed sheet are all available as options
  • Wake-up service including a hot or cold towel, if desired

Yawn Cabin

  • Maximum Occupancy: Two adults plus one child up to 6 years
  • Bed size: 200 x 140 cm
  • Includes 2 cotton sleep ’n fly cotton signature pillows, double-sized duvet, and a cotton bed sheet
  • Small kid’s pillow is available upon request
  • Wake-up service including a hot or cold towel, if desired

Yawn Family Cabin

  • Everything included in the Yawn Cabin
  • Added option for a pull-out kid’s bed (size: size 120 x 55 cm)

Tube Sleep Pod

  • Maximum Occupancy: One adult, plus one infant
  • Bed size: 200 x 80 cm
  • Cotton bed sheet and pillow
  • Hot and cold buffet with breakfast, lunch or dinner menu
  • Open bar that includes alcoholic house beverages

For more information on booking and prices, you can visit the Sleep ‘n Fly website.

Their stylish designs and attention to detail in making these pods a comfortable place to catch some Z’s are unparalleled.


The Sleep ‘n Fly lounge is located right across from Gate A1 in the Duty-Free Area.

Additional Information:

  • Open 24 hours daily
  • Different time restrictions may apply for the type of pod and time of day, so always check their website for up-to-date information on booking
  • Priority Pass members are eligible for One Igloo Sleep Pod per adult plus one child under 2 years. Other options are still available for booking outside of their include package.
  • Use of public shower facilities nearby are included free of charge for Priority Pass members

The Best Business and First-Class Lounges in Dubai

If you are not a member of Priority Pass and you are looking to get an exclusive experience or feel pampered while you travel through the Dubai airport, there are some excellent First and Business class options that will leave you feeling rested and well taken care of.

Emirates First Class Lounge

The Emirates First Class Lounge provides a classic high-end traveling experience. They are all about personalized touches that will make all the difference in your travels. While you enjoy some privacy, relaxation, and indulge with a glass of wine, you can also get some shopping done.

There is a Duty-Free shopping area directly inside the lounge where you can buy a variety of gifts, sweet treats, wine or spirits, and luxury brand items.

Additional Information and Highlights:

  • Business center available
  • Sommeliers available to answer questions and offer tastings at their Le Clos Wine Cellar
  • Cigar bar
  • Direct boarding offered
  • Quiet area equipped with chairs, recliners, and couches to take a nap and relax

For more information, you can visit the Emirates website.

Lufthansa Business Class

This classy lounge is open to Lufthansa, Star Alliance, and Swiss passengers traveling business class tickets. You will also have access if you are a Frequent Traveler cardholder in the Miles and More loyalty program.

They offer extensive options for dining, beverages, and areas to enjoy around their bistro. They have traditional dining areas as well as leather armchairs, recliners, and workstations around the lounge to cover every type of traveler need.

 Additional Information and Highlights:

  • Excellent view of jets arriving and departing from their comfortable armchairs by the windows. You can also see the tarmac from many other locations around the lounge.
  • Spacious showers in their bathroom area, along with fresh towels and hair dryers that are available
  • Their “Comfort Zone” is equipped with benches, chairs, recliners, and tables
  • Their lounge buffet remains well-stocked around the clock with a great variety

British Airways First Call Lounge

British Airways First Class passengers, Executive Club Premier members, and Concorde Room Card members all have access to The Concorde Bar, which is an exclusive space within the British Airways Galleries Lounge.

It’s not the biggest lounge you will find, but it is one of the most accommodating. Their décor is stylish and sleek, but it remains welcoming and warm. In their small space, they offer a variety of comfortable chairs and benches along with plenty of tables for dining and/or getting some work done.

They offer buffet-style dining, but they also always have an attendant nearby to help with any special requests you may have. They are happy to help accommodate a special request or help by retrieving beverages for you while you decide on your meal options.

Additional Information and Highlights:

  • Excellent selection of wines, spirits, and alcoholic beverages at the Concorde Bar
  • New designs and appliances giving it a fresh and modern feeling
  • It offers a more intimate setting where you can get work done, while also heading out into the main area of the Concorde Bar which tends to be busy with fellow travelers looking to have a drink and unwind

The Best Free or Non-Exclusive Lounges for Purchase

If you are traveling through Dubai and would like to experience a comforting lounge area without being a member anywhere or spending money on a booking fee, you can still head to one of the many free lounges around the terminals. Here are three of the best free lounges to check out.

  1. Al Majlis Lounges
  2. Lounge @ B
  3. Gulf Air Lounge

Getting Access to Priority Pass

Priority Pass will open access to over 1300 lounges worldwide. It is an international program that you can utilize no matter who you fly with, where you sit on the plane, and how much you paid for your airline tickets.

This is a standalone program meant to help travelers enjoy their experience while they wait at their airport for their flight. For someone with short travel plans and a quick layover, this may seem like it wouldn’t be worth it. But imagine those longer layovers we’ve all had, or when a plane is delayed by hours or even days.

Access to luxury lounges is an amazing traveling benefit to have. And Dubai has some of the best Priority Pass lounges you will find.

For more information on how it works and your options for signing up, you can visit the Priority Pass website.

The Best Lounges in Dubai

When you sign up for a Priority Pass membership, you will be signing up for comfort, relaxation, and privacy options across the world. In Dubai, they have an amazing range of options for luxury lounging while you wait for your flight, but their Priority Pass lounges are truly a worth-while experience.

The award-winning Ahlan Lounge and Marhaba Lounges, along with the impeccable SkyTeam Lounge, Plaza Premium Lounge, and the Sleep ‘n Fly lounges, will all have you feeling relaxed and ready for the rest of your travels.

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