15 Best Gyms in Dubai

15 Best Gyms in Dubai

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If you need to stay fit while visiting Dubai, you’re in luck. Dubai has a lot of excellent gyms all over the city. 

These gyms range from local neighborhood gyms that focus on bodybuilding to large gym franchises such as Fitness First that has 20 branches across the city. 

Without further ado, here are the 15 best gyms in Dubai:

  1. Fitness First
  2. Symmetry Gym
  3. TribeFit
  4. Gold’s Gym, Al Barsha Mall
  5. Gym Nation
  6. Muscle Beach Gym
  7. The Warehouse Gym
  8. U Energy Gym
  9. The Platform Studio
  10. Fit Boys Gym
  11. Physique 57 Gym
  12. Core Fit Gym
  13. FitRepublik
  14. Embody Fitness 
  15. Fitness Zone

Alright, let’s dive into the nitty gritty details of each of these Dubai gyms. 

1. Fitness First

Looking for a well-conditioned space where you can enjoy your workout? Fitness First offers that and much more. 

With 20 of the 27 branches found in Dubai, you can choose where to work out at any time of the day. Some of the branches include Fitness First Dubai Media City (Business Central Towers A) and Fitness First Burjuman Center (level 3, New Burjuman Building), among other branches.

There are three different levels of membership packages, such as the plus membership, platinum membership, and platinum plus membership. 

These packages will determine which clubs you can use and for how long. Moreover, depending on your time and goals, they also offer a workout period of where you can join for a period of 3, 6, 12, and 18 months.

When it comes to membership fees, the prices vary from AED 1999to AED 5999, depending on the level and type of membership you desire. 

Furthermore, corporate rates and off-peak rates are also available. If you are a new member, you are guaranteed at least three free training sessions. The trainer will evaluate your level of fitness as you discuss your target goals. 

Aside from that, the branches also offer several promotions throughout the year, which gives its members a chance to win many gifts. Note that the branches are opened seven days a week, from morning hours to 10 pm or 11 pm.

2. Symmetry Gym

If you want to work with the most expensive trainers, then visit Symmetry Gym. Owned and run by Amir Siddiqui, the gym is situated at Gold and Diamond Park and is open six days a week. The opening hours from Sunday to Thursday are from 6:30 am to 8:30 pm. Friday hours are from 9 am to 2 pm. Keep in mind that they are closed on Saturdays

Designed to focus on individual training, this gym offers no classes or group activities.

Additionally, there is a consultation fee that is refundable after you sign up. The short term monthly plan, which costs AED 5,965, is where you get to experience the proper exercise using the Fission-Fusion methodology. For a 12 month plan, be ready to spend AED 4,397 per month.

Finally, for a chance to work personally with Amir Siddiqui, take up the 3-month prepaid package or a 12-month prepaid package, which will cost you from AED 12,000-15,000 per month. Notably, being a strictly personal training only gym, there is a one-month money-back guarantee if no changes come about in that workout period.   

3. TribeFit

Known as Dubai Marina’s largest and most socially active health and fitness club, TribeFit is the place to be. 

Based next to Marina Mall off Sheikh Zayed Road, TribeFit offers its clients 90 classes a week in yoga, spinning, and physical fitness. 

Spread across 23,000 square foot area, the gym facility is divided into eight workout areas, including the burn lab, circuit training, stretch area, yoga studio, spin area, melting pot, fight club and build lab.

With a world-class gym, the membership price ranges from AED 1,197 to AED 3,588, depending on your preferred package. With a variety of membership options, you will get to choose the best package meant to suit your budget. This is from pay to play as well as monthly to annual prepaid memberships. 

Once you sign up, you will get a free health check using the latest InBody 370 technology before you start working out.

Remember that, in addition to the state of the art gym equipment, you will also work out with the highly trained team of personal trainers. The trainers are meant to help you achieve your weight loss goals while in a social and fun environment. 

Also, keep in mind that TribeFit has an active social calendar with regular events such as monthly parties, movie nights, beach days, networking events, and so on. All these activities are meant to enable the members to mix and socialize.

4. Gold’s Gym, Al Barsha Mall

Created specifically for women, Gold’s Gym is one of the top ladies’ gyms in Dubai. However, there are three other branches situated in different areas of the city, including Business Village Deira, Al Hamriya, and Etihad Mall. 

Meant to put all women at ease while working out, the gym operates seven days a week. From Saturday to Thursday, the opening hours are from early in the morning to late in the night (6 am-11:00 pm). Nonetheless, Friday is open a bit late, which is from 9 am to 10 pm.

The gym has a complete range of exercise machines ranging from cross trainers, steppers to treadmills. This area is where you get to enjoy unlimited hours of workout. Furthermore, the gym has a yoga area, group exercise studio, and a cycling studio great for offering the latest Les Mills classes.

If you are feeling a bit hungry, then don’t worry, the juice bar will take care of that as you enjoy some free WIFI. That’s not all though, there is a member’s lounge for relaxing, and the premises have free parking space for its members. Note that the memberships start at AED 825 per month, which is inexpensive compared to most gyms in Dubai.

5. Gym Nation

Described as the largest fitness in Dubai, Gym Nation occupies 45,000 square feet of ETA Star building. 

Open 24/7, the gym is one of Dubai’s most affordable and flexible gym with membership starting from AED99 per month. So, why do we say it’s flexible? That’s because apart from members being able to walk in anytime for a work out session, the membership plan can be renewed every month. 

Known to have over 500 pieces of equipment, Gym Nation also offers more than 200 classes. For instance, some of the classes include yoga, boxing, spinning, Zumba, Les Mills, and many more. But hey! They don’t stop there, but also give their members free classes once in a while.

Divided into sections, the facility has a main gym hall filled with long lines of rowing machines and treadmills. Another section has a weight training space as well as a strength equipment training area. 

What’s more, the gym has a personal training section corner for one on one training as well as small group training. You can’t forget there are three studios, including one spin studio and a boxing ring that is always busy.

Most noteworthy, the personal training areas and boxing ring are for booked sessions only. Additionally, there is a ladies’ only gym in the facility, and although it’s small, it has readily available equipment to train with.

6. Muscle Beach Gym

Do you love working out? What about visiting the beach? Luckily, you can combine both by joining the Muscle Beach Gym. 

Dubai’s new outdoor gym, Muscle Beach, is nestled at the Beach Jumeirah at Jumeirah Beach Residence. The outdoor gym features a full-sized fitness rig for functional training such as rope climbs, squats, and pull-ups. Other than that, the gym has bikes and rowers as well as spinning classes. 

The prices are very affordable, with the entrance fee costing AED 60 from Sunday to Thursday and AED 902 for gym activities on the weekends. During the summertime, the staff ensures fans and canopy are set up, and there is a change of workout time, which leads to shorter sessions.

The best thing about the Muscle Beach Gym is that it’s not only meant for residents but also open to tourists. Therefore, before you head out there, just remember to apply plenty of sunscreens since it’s easy not to notice you’re burning, unlike when you are just relaxing on the beach.

7. The Warehouse Gym

Just as the name suggests, Warehouse Gym is found in a warehouse at Umm Suqeim Road at Al Quoz. 

One of the most advanced gyms in Dubai, there are other branches spread across the city, such as Business Bay, JBR, Spring Souk, and d3. Famous for its CrossFit classes, the gym also offers boxing workouts, spinning classes, and PT sessions, among other different groups of classes.

In addition, apart from finding high-tech equipment, there are mirrors everywhere as well as graffiti on the walls which make the gym have an urban look. The gym also has an in-house DJ and a flash of nightclub lightning, which is meant to enable the members to stay alert and energized.

With prices starting from AED 465, it’s hard to beat their competitive rates. The gym also offers its members some delicious and nutritious delights served by Common Ground situated within the warehouse.

8. U Energy Gym

Originally from Beirut, U Energy Gym provides a shorter workout than the average lunch break. 

Situated at Dubai’s International Financial Centre (DIFC), this boutique fitness center has countless classes, including yoga, calisthenics, and MMA. You can also enjoy martial arts, resistance circuits, and boxing, as well as other general fitness classes.

This modern gym is designed to cater to all its clients’ fitness needs under one roof. 

For instance, there are Energy Open Gym classes and amenities for individuals, an Energy Strong Team Training Membership for those who love working out as a team. Moreover, the Energy Elite 1:1 Training Membership is available if you want a one on one personal workout with a trained expert.

The best part of the training is that the gym has a residential DJ who chooses the music depending on the particular workout. 

There is also a bar made out of wood, concrete, and distressed leather where you can enjoy a protein shake after the workout. You can also head to the massage studio if your muscles can’t stop aching.

With classes including just six people, the trainers can supervise you closely while maximizing your workout. Finally, the gym is open from Sunday to Thursday from 6 am to 10 pm while Friday and Saturday it’s from 8 am to 6 pm.

9. The Platform Studio

If you are familiar with Platform Gym in Marina, then you should be excited about Platform Studio. 

Having more than 500 group classes per week, the studio is a 10,000 square foot fitness center based in Index Towers, Dubai’s International Financial Centre (DIFC). Purely focusing on an inviting atmosphere, the studio is the biggest group-class workout studio concept in UAE.

The gym has a variety of workout activities such as boxing, yoga, cycling, barre, and mix-it-up, among others. Each workout has a specific time frame such that cycling and barre go for 45 minutes while yoga takes 60 minutes. 

With that in mind, the gym ensures the members can select a variety of packages that fit their goals.

Categorized in-class pricing, you can go for the Classpack 10+10 which cost AED 1,047, Classpack 20+20 for AED 2,097 or Classpack 30+30 for AED 3,147. If you prefer Cryo, an introductory session goes for AED 157.50. 

Also, for new members, there is one purchase intro offer for two sessions that cost AED 105. Note that it’s only valid for 14 days from the day of purchase.

For refreshments, there is a juice bar that serves the freshest ingredients, healthy eating snacks, and delicious smoothies. All this food and drinks help you stay rehydrated and re-energized. 

Remember that the gym opens from early from Sundays to Thursdays (6:00 am to 9:00 pm). However, Friday and Saturday it’s from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

10. Fit Boys Gym

Are you a boxer? Then you should check out Fit Boys Gym. 

One of the best boxing gyms in Dubai and UAE at large, the gym is spacious with vastly experienced trainers. Ideal for beginners and advanced boxers, the fitness and boxing facility outlet is dedicated towards boxing, although there is a weight-lifting area too.

Nestled in Jumeirah Lake Towers, there are several courses offered by the gym, one of them being Kickboxing 1 Month Unlimited Package. One hour per session, you will learn ways to improve body strength, eye-hand coordination, among others. Under the supervision of experts and champion trainers, you will spend AED 600.

Another course to look out for is Boxing 3 Months Package, where your upper and lower body gets toned in three months. Known for its many benefits such as being a stress reliever, you only get to pay AED 1500 for the three months.

That’s not all, though; there is also Boxing 10/20 Private Sessions, where you pay AED 2000 for ten sessions and 3600 for 20 sessions. 

However, if you are just a beginner and aren’t ready to commit to such sessions, then you go for the Fitness Daily Pass, costing AED 70.

11. Physique 57 Gym

For Barre lovers, Physique 57 Gym is a great place to enjoy a full-body barre workout. 

Blended with dance-inspired cardio, stretches, and strength training exercises, the gym makes sure the ladies enjoy their workout in style. With classes from beginner to advanced levels, you are sure going to transform your entire body in no time.

Found at City Walk, Al Thanya Mall, the gym has various classes starting with Signature 1, which is a great place to start for beginners. 

The trainers will begin with the barre basics and combine it with strength training, cardio, and stretching. This exercise will be done using weights, a playground ball, and your own body weight as resistance.

Another fun class is Signature, which is recommended for anyone who has taken at least four to five barre lessons. In this class, you will get the opportunity to tailor the class to your own body fitness level. 

The next level, known as Amped Up, is for anyone familiar with the specific techniques and positions of barre. The best part of this class is that you will take your workout to a new level.

Apart from Dubai, Physique 57 has branches in Beverly Hills and Hamptons in New York, and Bangkok in Thailand. The membership price in Dubai is AED 130 for one class and AED 680 for eight classes.

12. Core Fit Gym

Do you enjoy working out as a group? If so, Core Fit Gym is great at offering group classes and unconventional workouts. 

Having two branches, one in Dreams Tower 2, Dubai Marina, and the other one in Le Meridien Mina Seyani Resort, membership fee starts from AED 549 per month.

The gym is based on the energy of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with a combination of personal training and Cross-Fit. It’s founded by Clifford Tindell, who runs daily classes with other trainers, so you will definitely get value for your money at Core Fit. 

Providing 350 indoor and outdoor group classes every month, the classes usually are skipping ropes, weight plates, bars, boxes, kettlebells, spinning bikes, and battle ropes. In addition, body pump, body attack, circuits, Zumba, and holistic classes such as yoga, barre, and pilates are also available.

Once you sign up, expect a serious 60-minute workout session, which includes a 10-minute warm-up. Secondly, a body-toning strength-driven exercise will follow then after that 20 minute HIIT workout training. Keep this in mind, although this is a team session, the trainers still provide individuals will help and personal feedback.

Also, all sessions are recorded for the trainers to analyze the sessions in the hope of making future classes better. Note that there is a private outdoor area in front of the beach for sunrise and sunset sessions.

13. FitRepublik

A great gym for adults and children, FitRepublik is usually open to the public every day except Fridays. 

With prices ranging from AED 1,050 to over AED 5,000 depending on which membership plan you take, the gym has amazing group classes for both adults and kids. 

For instance, the one-month membership is AED 1,050, three months goes at AED 2,415, six months is AED 3,675, and one-year membership is AED 5,040.

The gym involves weight/strength training, cardio workouts, gymnastics, martial arts, CrossFit, swimming lessons in the Olympic –sized pool, and dance. For example, when it comes to swimming, apart from becoming a professional swimmer, the swimming lessons are known to keep you fit as well as relieve stress.

Moreover, kids also get to enjoy the toddler swimming classes, which are one of the best workouts they can do. Also, the boot camp is another exercise designed to help the kids to learn new life-saving techniques in the survival battle of life. 

Situated in Dubai Sports City, the gym plans convenient schedules making it easy for the members to achieve their fitness goals. What’s more, the facility has a professional DJ that lights up the mood to motivate everyone while working out.

The gym also allows members to learn in groups, thus enabling them to encourage one another as well as socialize afterward. 

Note that the gym is open seven days a week and is open from Saturday to Thursday from 5:30 am to 11:00 pm. Friday’s opening hours are from 5:30 am to 9:00 pm.

14. Embody Fitness

One of the most luxurious gyms in Dubai, Embody Fitness has state of the art equipment as well as renowned gym instructors. 

Boasting a list of celebrities, professional athletes, and other influencers, this scented gym is tailored to fit every client’s fitness need. 

Focusing on private and semi-private training, group training, ladies only training, and dietary support, you will easily get to choose your preferred training.

Membership starts from AED 600 per month and usually includes some benefits. These benefits usually include small group classes, private access to the gym studio, and discounts on some services.

For semi-private training, the price is AED 175 per session, while fully private training is from AED 395 per session. For other flexible programs, you can opt for the 8 to 12-week program completely tailor-made for you. This program will cover you from everything, starting with your sleeping patterns to your mobility levels.

Also, there is free private underground parking in the Lamborghini building. What’s even more interesting, all the members are issued with an MYzone fitness belt where every session is recorded then the data sent to you. That’s pretty cool, right?

15. Fitness Zone

An only membership gym, Fitness Zone is the ideal place to kick your unhealthy habits and shape up your body. 

Offering personal and group training sessions, the gym opens every day of the week at different times. From Sunday to Thursday, opening hours are from 6 am to 10:45 pm. However, on Fridays and Saturdays, the opening hours are from 9:00 am but the closing hours of Friday are 9:00 pm while on Saturday it is 10:45 pm.

Welcoming the young and the older adults, Fitness Zone ensures all members are under the guidance of professional trainers. 

Situated in Jumeirah Lake Towers Cluster, there is a one-day Gym access and group exercise class that goes for AED 99. The one month program will cost you AED 413; three months will be AED1013, while six months and one year are AED 1800 and AED 3374, respectively.

Note that, the gym has a special offer of the one day VIP guest with unlimited gym access and group classes from AED 70. Additionally, there is another for 7-day VIP guest for AED 199, monthly recurring membership for AED 299. Last but not least, a 4-month each buddy package for AED 2198.

So what do they offer? Apart from personal trainers, there is yoga, boxing, martial arts, kickboxing, bodybuilding, and cardio/treadmill. Others include body pump, Crossfit, Zumba, weight loss, Muay Thai, fitness classes, and Abs/core. 


Traveling or moving to Dubai is complex enough. Without a proper gym, maintaining your fitness habit can make it even harder. Thankfully, as we have seen from the above list, Dubai does have some excellent gyms to help you achieve your fitness goals and stay healthy.

So what more do you need? Take out your money or credit card and sign up for the program of your choice. If you are unsure what you really need, just check out the above 15 gyms and their offers, membership fees, and benefits of working with them and just reach out to one of them for more information.

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