Beer Rules in Dubai

Can You Drink Beer in Dubai?

The United Arabs Emirates is a society governed by various uncommon and peculiar rules that are not easily traceable to other societies of the world partly because of the monarchical system of government it adopts and also as a result of the fact that it is committed to intense economic and unwavering social mobilization for its citizens.

Can you drink beer in Dubai? Dubai does not forbid alcohol, but it does have strict regulations. Many people all across the world have always thought that beer or drinking of beer is forbidden in Dubai. This is not the truth of the matter. It is just that drinking of beer has some rules and regulations attached to it. Anyone who must drink beer at the United Arabs Emirates must be prepared to abide by the set rules and regulations. As a matter of fact, beer is one of the best-selling drinks in Dubai.

The United Arabs emirate is a very strict environment especially as it touches on drinking of alcohol. Anyone visiting Dubai must be aware of the rules and regulations so as to avoid being penalized or jailed.

Alcohol Rules in Dubai

The following are important rules:

  • Drinking alcohol is permitted at licensed restaurants, bars, hotels and so on.
  • Drinking in public places is illegal
  • Purchase from other places apart from the licensed designated stores and centers is a criminal offense
  • You have to be 21 years old to get a license to deal with alcohol and meet a salary minimum of AED 3000.
  • You can’t drink and drive
  • It is an offense to drink at workplace
  • Drinking of alcohol requires that a person possesses a residence visa

All these and many more are the rules and regulations outlined for drinking beer in Dubai.

There are different brands of beer in Dubai. At least six of them are very popular. They include but not limited to:

Dos Equis is from the Mexican Heineken Brewery. It is interesting to state that the name “Dos Equis” is a rebranded name. The original name was ‘Siglo XX’ which simply means ‘Twentieth Century’. It is worth mentioning that it is very sensational and it comes with a lot of varieties. ‘Dos Equis’ is not only popular in the Middle East but has also found a foothold in the west. It has, as at this moment, gained worldwide attention.

Coors Light is another well-known beer in Dubai. It is a product from a lot of care and adequate nutritional attention. It is no doubt the choice of many beer lovers in the state. This is because it tastes a little sweeter than other beer in popular and high demand category. The alcohol content is not higher than 4.8 percent. It cost a token of AED 6.

Heineken is also a very popular beer in Dubai. Those who can cope effectively with strong beer find it a beautiful drink of all times. It is a beer with alcohol content of 5 percent. Its composition includes barley, pure water, and quality-favor yielding hops. Heineken is moderately affordable. It sells for AED 6. It comes from Auckland through DB Breweries.

Corona is also a fast-selling beer in the United Arab Emirates. Beer loving men and women have placed Corona among the first five best-seller in the world of beer. It contains 4.6 percent alcohol. To enjoy Corona at its best, adding a wedge of lime may not be a bad idea to enhance its exotic nature and make it more enjoyable. It is produced by Grupo Modelo in Mexico. It is a drink with increasingly high demand in Dubai. It sells for AED 8.

Samuel Adams is a drink with its own special class in Dubai. The fact that this beer creates a synergy between spice and sweet gives it a wide popularity in the United Arab Emirates. This thirst-quenching great drink is malty in taste and classic in outlook. It comes with just 5 percent of alcoholic content. It comes from the Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) Massachusetts in the United States of America. It sells between AED 300 – AED 400.

Fat Tire no doubt, has claimed for itself popularity and prominence in Dubai just as it has a household recognition in the United States of America. It is, more often than not, the choice drink of the Tourists visiting the city. Fat tire has an exquisite taste. It is a completely different drink as a result of its biscuit-like malt flavor. It contains 5.2 percent alcohol. It is made from fruits, spices, and esoteric yeast strains. It is produced in Colorado in the United States of America.

In spite of the rules and regulations in the United Arab Emirates, drinking of beer is not with absolute restrictions. People who come regularly to visit the state can still enjoy beer to their points of satisfaction. Dubai does not have many local drinks, but the world class quality brands of beer which have their names boldly written in the hearts of their lovers, are available in full capacity. As long as an individual is able to stick to the rules and regulations as clearly spelt by the government, he can enjoy beer to his or her heart content.

What are the popular places beer can be found?

Throughout the world, Dubai is known for a safe haven for anyone in need of mouth-watering adventure. People from all the nations of the world come to Dubai for unparalleled adventure that is not readily obtainable in other nations of the world. The city of Dubai is a choice for many lovers and those who are in love with giving the best treat to their friends and family members. This accounts for why there are important places where people can go to have the best of fun and enjoy themselves to the fullest. One of such places is called Date- Night Dinners

It is noteworthy that beer is an important drink that supplies the desired enjoyment for those in love with date-night dinners.  Some examples of such date-night dinners are:

Pierchic, Madinat Jumeirah

Without mincing words, Pierchic is an ideal for a date-night adventure. The highly inviting environment and the cool-serene atmosphere are enough to elicit sensational love discussions. Such discussions are not without drinking of different brands of beer. It is a choice place for many who love the best for themselves and their lovers. Drinks are available for anyone to enjoy to the fullest. The fact that it is located in the Arabian Sea gives it a highly fantastic and romantic setting.

There are also

  • Villa Beach
  • The Eauzone, The Royal Mirage
  • Fish Beach Taverna – Le Méridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina
  • Water Park

All these places are beautiful centers where people visit regularly and enjoy themselves. No enjoyment is complete without drinking beer. People drink and enjoy beer in Dubai.

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