Best Attars in Dubai

Best Attars in Dubai

Attar or ‘Ittar’ are aromatic oils that have been extracted from sources such as spices, herbs, flower petals, plants, and even wood. If you are looking for the best attars in Dubai, you may have no clue how or where to get started. While there are several different aspects you should consider when choosing the best attar perfume for yourself or as a gift, here are some popular attar you can start off with!

What are the best attars in Dubai? Whether you are shopping for attar for a man or a woman, here are the most popular attar that is currently offered on the market in Dubai.


  1. Al Haramain Madinah
  2. Al Haramain Hajar
  3. Haramain Badar
  4. AL Kaaba
  5. Sehr Al Kalemat


  1. Noora
  2. Empress
  3. Balkis
  4. Lamya
  5. X Choco Musk

While, of course, you are always welcome to purchase the popular versions of attar, it should be noted that there is a particular art behind choosing the best attar dependent on a number of different factors from gender to the season! If you are interested in finding the perfect attar for yourself or someone else, you will definitely want to continue reading!

What is Attar?

In Dubai, you may have noticed that there typically isn’t a home where there isn’t an attar. Attar or ‘Ittar” is known to be a person’s prized possession. Attar is a highly concentrated perfume that is generally sold in smaller quantities compared to the perfume that you may be used to. Traditionally, you will find attar in small, jeweled decanters or even crystal cut bottles.

In the Eastern World, it is traditional practice to offer attar to one’s guests during a time of departure. Traditionally, attar was gifted in crystal cut bottles that are known as itardans. This tradition carries on today as well, which may be why you are searching for the best attar in the first place!

What is the Difference Between Attar and Perfume?

When you first meet someone, the first aspect about them that you may notice is their scent. For example, if someone is wearing way too much perfume, you are probably going to notice. The issue with perfume is that it is overwhelming at first, but eventually, the perfume evaporates and loses its scent. 

One reason this happens is because of our body temperature. Due to the attar being naturally derived, your body heat will intensify the scent rather than evaporate it. Another significant difference between attar and perfume is that attar is going to be worn directly on your body compared to being sprayed on your clothes. It should be noted that attar will actually stain and ruin your clothes.

 You may be surprised to learn that one small drop is enough to last all day!

Another way attar is different from perfume is the shelf life. The storage and shelf life is better compared to perfume because it is not alcohol-based. In fact, attar has a permanent shelf life, and some even smell better as they get older!

Additionally, you may find attar beneficial for therapeutic effects. It is believed that some alcohol-based perfumes can be harmful due to the alcohol content. 

Attars are also typically cheaper and more affordable compared to some perfumes because they are concentrated and placed in small bottles that last longer.

Choosing Attar Based on Notes

If you are trying to select the best attar for yourself or someone else, you will want to choose gender-specific attar based on notes.

The notes of an attar are generally separated into three different classes known as top/head notes, middle/heart notes, and the base notes. Each one of these classes denotes the group of scents that can be smelled in respect to the time in which the perfume has been applied.

Each one of these notes is created with knowledge of both the intended purpose of the perfume along with the evaporation process. It should be noted that the presence of a specific note could alter the perception of another. For example, when a certain heart note is present, it could be altered by the top note when it is stronger. If you are still confused, let’s take a deeper dive into each class.

  • Top or Head Notes

Generally, the top or headnotes is the scent you get when you first apply the perfume. If you are shopping for attar in the marketplace, this is typically the first impression you are going to get of the fragrance itself. This is an essential aspect because it helps in selling the product in the first place.

  • Middle or Heart Notes

Next, you have the middle or heart notes of an attar. This is the scent that appears when the top notes begin to dissipate. Generally, the middle or heart notes are going to be the main body of the perfume and emerge during the dispersion process. The reason behind having heart or middle notes is to mask the initial impression of the base notes. While the base notes can seem unpleasant at times, they become more pleasant as time passes.

  • Base Notes

Last but not least, we have the base notes of an attar. This is the scent that is going to appear when the middles notes are departing. You will find that the central theme of any attar is going to be from the middle and base notes put together. Base notes are important to any attar because it gives the depth of the perfume.

The base notes of an attar are made from large and heavy molecules that are created to evaporate at a slower pace. Generally, base notes have a rich scent that you typically won’t be able to smell until at least thirty minutes after application. If the smell is “deeper,” you may be able to detect the scent of the base notes up to twenty-four hours after the application!

Tips for Applying Attar

If you typically wear perfume, you may be used to dousing yourself in perfume and walking out the door. If this sounds like you, this is definitely not something you will want to do with attar! Instead, it is recommended that you dab the attar on several pulse points, including the sides of your neck, under your ear lobes, and on your wrists. You may find it surprising how long a little touch of attar can go.

Types of Attar

When shopping for attar, there are generally two classifications you will want to search for. First, you will want to consider the season that you will be wearing the perfume. If you are shopping for a winter attar, you will want to search for a “warm” attar such as kesar, amber, or musk. If you are shopping for a summer attar, you will want a “cool” attar such as mogra, kewda, khus, or even rose or jasmine!

Below, you will find some of the more popular types of attar.


First up, we have agarwood! Agarwood is one of the more popular scents known among oil traders, healers, and perfumes. Generally, this type of attar is used for medicinal purposes to help relieve stress and reduce pain.


Ambergris is also known as Anbar. This substance is excreted by a sperm whale and is generally retrieved from the sea and from beaches. This may be an excellent choice for you as it has a musky aroma.


Jasmine is another popular type of attar that you will find on the market. This is an oil that is derived from a Jasmine flower and has a potent floral aroma. As you will discover with research, Jasmine can be an expensive ingredient found in several attars.


Next, we have “Moschus Moschieferus,” which is a rare species of male deer that can be found in the Himalaya. The substance that is used to create Musk is acquired by killing the male deer. Unfortunately, the demand led to endangering the species, so the musk that you find on the market today is synthetic known as “white musk.” However, natural musk is commonly found in medicines to help strengthen organs and work as an antivenom.


Another popular type of attar you will find will be rose oils. This oil is obtained by steam-distilling the petals of roses that have been crushed. The bi-product of this process is known as rose water. Rose can be a popular option as it is used as a popular anti-inflammatory agent.

Top Attar Choices for Men

If you are searching for the best attar choice for a man, you can never go wrong with Oriental Perfumes. You can also go with herbal or even exotic perfumes as a good choice, as well. While, of course, the scent of an attar is completely subjective to one’s taste, there is nothing that quite compares to the aroma of full-bodied oriental notes. With Oriental perfumes, you will find scents that are typically heavy and distinguished.

If you are searching for an attar that is a bit more unique, you could always choose one that has a unique blend of oriental resins. Some popular options include opulent flowers or spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon. This may be a good option, as these notes are versatile for any day or night event.

Another option for men would be Oud. Oud is derived from one of the most expensive woods in the world. If you enjoy a scent that is mixed from sweet, warm, and smoky notes, this may be the perfect attar for you! 

Below, we will take a look at some of the top attars for men in Dubai.

  1. Al Haramain Madinah

First, on the list, we have Al Haramain Madinah. This attar comes from one of the most popular perfume oil brands in the world! This particular attar features several different fragrances, including cedarwood, sandalwood, saffron, jasmine, rose, orchid, and a hint of citrus.

If you are searching for an attar that has a sweeter floral aroma, this will be the perfect blend of sweet and masculine. Generally, this attar is best suitable for the summertime and can be worn whether you are using it for everyday use or something nice for the office.

Top Note: Bergamont, Davana Blossoms, Geranium, Orange

Middle Note: Cedar Wood, Sandal Wood, Saffron, Orchid, Jasmine, Rose, Clove

Base Note: Fruity, Cashmere Wood, Cedar Wood, Musk, Floral, Sandalwood

  1. Al Haramain Hajar

Next, we have an attar from the same brand as the first one. If you are in the market for an attar that makes a strong statement, this is going to be an excellent choice for you. This attar offers a leathery scent mixed with floral and sweet amber. 

While the first attar is better suited for day wear, this is an attar that is perfect for nightwear, whether you are off to dinner with your mate or going to the club to dance the night away. Either way, this attar is alcohol-free and has a roll-on cap for easy application!

Top Note: Geranium and Ylang Ylang
Middle Note: Amber and Floral
Base Note: Amber, Gurjum Balsam, Sandalwood, and Musk

  1. Al Haramain Badar

This attar is unique because it is meant for men and women! While it does offer a fresh and floral scent, it also has a white-musk base that is generally seen as more masculine. If you are searching for an attar that is unique and light, you will absolutely want to consider this one.

It should be noted that this attar generally will not last as long as the previous two because it has such a light scent. Generally, this is an attar that will be more beneficial for summer use. If this is your first purchase, you may want to consider this attar as it is easy to wear, light, and sweet!

Top Note: Lavender, Lime, Orange, Honey, Rose Petals, Bergamot

Middle Note: Rose, Orris, Water Lily

Base Note: Amber, Cedar Wood, Musk

  1. Al Kaaba

Next on the list, we have Al Kaaba, which is going to be set on the pricier side. With that in mind, it should be noted that this attar comes in a beautiful bottle and is placed inside of a black velvet display box.

If you are a fan of agarwood, you are going to adore this attar. There is a pleasant combination of saffron, musk, rose, and agarwood. The best part is that while the agarwood makes a majority of the scent, it isn’t overwhelming. Instead, it seems to blend well with the rose and dry down musk.

While some consider this to be a masculine scent, the attar also offers an initial floral scent that can be suitable for a woman as well. The best part is that you will only need to use about three or four drops a day for it to last over ten hours. Though this is pricier as mentioned, it is going to last you a while!

Top Note: Apricot, Saffron, Orange, Lemon

Middle Note: Caramel, Jasmine, Rose, Iris, Lily-of-the-valley

Base Notes: Moss, Musk, Sandalwood, Amber, Oud

  1. Sehr Al Kalemat

Last on our list, we have Sehr El Kalemat! As mentioned earlier, Oud attar is one of the most popular choices in the Middle East. While both men and women enjoy the scent of this attar, it is usually used for men, as it offers a robust, wood aroma.

One of the more popular brands is Arabian Oud. Sehr El Kalemat is just one of their incredible products. This specific attar was inspired by an exotic spice garden. It has this spectacular scent that is balanced with smoky base notes and a warm amber to grant depth to the overall smell of the attar.

Top Note: Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Cardamom

Middle Note: Rose, Coriander, Saffron

Base Note: Sandal, Vetiver, Amber

Top Attar Choices for Women

When choosing a proper attar for women, you may want to consider choosing one that has more amber, rose, fruit, and floral notes. While, of course, scent is subjective to each person, the most popular options for women’s perfume are typically on the more feminine side. If you are unsure where to start, find attars that offer floral fragrances with hints of flowers such as orchids, violet, and even rose.

Another popular option for women would be Musk! If you are in the market, you will want to search for either a white must, red musk, or an Oud. While these will generally be a bit more costly compared to sandalwood and rose, there is no comparison to the incredible scent.

If neither of these options strikes your fancy, you can always search for perfumes that offer woody and earthy notes. Some popular options include amber, sandalwood, and even patchouli. Woody notes are popular among women’s attar because they are sensual and incredibly versatile. Plus, this type of attar generally lasts throughout the day and can be worn by man or woman.

  1. Noora

Noora directly translates to divine light. This attar, created by Swiss Arabian, is the perfect oil if you are searching for a scent that is high quality, unique, and exotic. This attar begins with a delicious note of honey and orange and leads into sweet finishing touches of vanilla, saffron, rose, and lily. If you are a fan of fruity and floral, this will be the perfect option for you!

While this perfume is very sweet, it also has a strong spice to it. Even better, this attar is powerful and can last until your next shower! While some consider it to be very in your face, it is regarded as a scent that is different compared to many European and American perfumes. If you are in the market for something different, you will want to give this one a try!

Top Note: Orange & Honey
Middle Note: Saffron, Rose, and Lily
Base Note: Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Musk

  1. Empress

When it comes to purchasing attar, not every female is going to love a fruity or floral scent. If you or the person you are shopping for is more into a woody musk scent, this is going to be the perfect compromise!

Empress offers a gorgeous blend of floral and musk. While it is a stronger scent at first, it softens after about thirty minutes. The best part about Empress is how incredibly easy it is to put on! With that being said, you will only need a single dab on each wrist and behind your ears to get the job done. While it smells on the more expensive side, you can actually get it for an affordable price for just about anyone!

Top Note: Grapefruit, Orange, Bergamot

Middle Note: Jasmine & Rose

Base Note: Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood

  1. Balkis

Next on the list, we have Balkis, which is made by Crown Perfumes. If you are searching for an attar that is slightly sweet and softly floral, you will love this scent. While it is on the stronger side, it lasts long enough to get you through the day without being too overwhelming to other people.

Balkis is free from alcohol and may be suitable for both men and women, though it does lean to the more feminine side. Also, this attar comes in a roll-on vial, which makes it incredibly easy to carry and apply when needed. On top of this benefit, it is also inexpensive without sacrificing quality.

Top Note: Raspberry & Black Pepper
Middle Note: Coffee & Turkish Rose
Base Note: Vanilla, Benzoin, Iris

  1. Lamya

If the attar you are searching for is meant to be a gift for a special woman in your life, you will want to highly consider Lamya, made by Swiss Arabian. This particular attar would be an excellent option as it comes in an elegant bottle that has gorgeous purple stones and a flower on the top!

As far as scent goes, Lamya has a delicious mixture of musk, rose, and lemon. If you are searching for an attar that is on the lighter side, this will be an excellent choice! While it is meant for women, some men may find the scent appealing as well.

Top Note: Lemon
Middle Note: Saffron & Rose
Base Note: White Musk, Oud, Teck, Amber Wood

  1. X Choco Musk

If you like to smell sugary sweet, like a bakery, this attar is going to be just what you were looking for! This perfume has intense chocolate and vanilla notes that are soft but not overly sweet. While some may feel an attar can be overpowering, this perfume is woven with a pleasant musk to soften the sweetness.

Ideally, this is an attar meant for the autumn and winter seasons. It is a lovely perfume and is generally enjoyed by women rather than the male population. If you are a fan of vanilla and chocolate, you will absolutely adore this scent lingering around you all day long.

Top Note: Vanilla
Middle Note: Chocolate
Base Note: Musk

How to Choose the Best Attar

If you are first starting your search for the best attar suited for you, it may seem intimidating choosing the right one. After all, there are so many factors that you are going to have to consider! To help the process, you will want to consider the following tricks.

  1. Find an Authentic Seller

Unfortunately, with attar being such a popular gift, there are many “stores” on the internet that are going to sell attar that lacks quality and has no testing standards.

The first thing you will want to consider is shopping from an authentic seller in Dubai. Some of the top shops that are popular among locals and tourists include

  • Ne’emah- Perfume & Attar Shop: The Dubai Mall
  • Ajmal Perfumes: The Dubai Mall
  • Boutique M. Micallef: City Walk by Meraas
  • Ghawali- Traditional Perfume Shop: The Dubai Mall
  • Swiss Arabian: Downtown Dubai
  1. Gender

The next factor you will want to keep in mind when purchasing attar is the proper gender. Remember that the composition of the attar is going to be broken down into base notes, middle notes, and top notes. It is the middle and base notes that you will want to pay attention to, as they play a significant role in the final aroma of the attar. For men, stick with aromas that are made from oud, wood, and spices. For women, try to stick with floral attars that are complimented by musk and wood!

  1. Cost

Last but not least, you should always keep the cost and budget in your decision making. If you are shopping around for an attar, and the price seems too good to be true, it probably is! When it comes to purchasing attar, try not to be cheap. The cheaper attars are typically lower in quality and will not last as long as they should. Instead, shoot for the middle of the market, and you should be safe with your purchase!

Hopefully, you have found this guide helpful in purchasing attar in Dubai. Remember, scent is subjective from person to person. While you may enjoy a musky aroma, another will prefer a floral scent! To be on the safe side, be sure to consider all of the factors you learned earlier before making a purchase!

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