Best Oud Perfume for Ladies in Dubai

Best Oud Perfume for Ladies in Dubai

When you are planning a trip to Dubai,  you will be introduced to a rich, unique culture, unlike any other in the world. People from all over the globe visit this hot tourist destination to take in the beautiful architecture, luxurious gold, and intense aromas of their signature scent, oud. There are many options for this highly desired fragrance, and purchasing one from Dubai means you are getting the real deal.

What are the best oud perfumes for women in Dubai? Women can choose from many great oud fragrances, including scents from Arabian Oud, Ajmal Perfume, Tom Ford, Xerjoff, Nasamat, Amouage, Anfasic Dokhoon, Carolina Herrera, Yas the Royal House of Perfume, and Dolce & Gabbana. Check them out during your next visit.

Read on to learn more about oud fragrances for women and how you can choose your signature scent.

The Best Oud Perfumes for Women

When you visit Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, you are sure to hear about oud, the country’s signature scent. These perfumes come in a variety of scents, so you can be sure to find something you’ll like. You can find oud perfumes in many different shopping centers, from street vendors to vast, lavish malls.

What is oud? This fragrance comes from the wood of the agar tree. When this type of tree becomes infected, its mold will create a resin that is extracted and used in fragrances. Throughout ancient history in the Middle East, oud was used to spread an intense aroma throughout the home or to wear on the skin and clothing. Oud wood chips are often used as incense to spread the unique aroma through the home.

Now, oud is one of the most expensive and desired ingredients in the fragrance industry. Both Middle Eastern and Western fragrance manufacturers are getting their hands on this potent ingredient. It adds a unique level of intensity to popular perfumes sold around the world, and it is used to manufacture scents for both men and women.

If you are interested in adding an oud scent to your collection of perfumes, check out some of the top oud perfumes for women in Dubai:

Shahrazad by Arabian Oud

The first oud perfume on our list is from Arabian Oud. This company has been creating unique fragrances for over 30 years, with the mission to introduce eastern culture and traditions to the world. Shahrazad is a fragrance for women with top notes of cranberry, beeswax, blossom, and apple. This intense blend has undertones of patchouli, ylang-ylang, lotus, olibanum, and oleander.

The fragrance was inspired by the well-known folk tales of the 1001 Nights of the Middle East. Its woody notes create an intoxicating scent that invites sensuality and desire when it is taken in. Shahrazad’s blend of floral and fruity notes are taken to the next level with black musk and wood.

This perfume comes in a beautiful ornate gold bottle. You will love to keep it on display on your vanity even after the perfume is all used up. But, because it is a high-quality oud, it should be able to last you a long time. A small application of this perfume on your pressure points will go a long way to make you smell great all day.

Oudesire by Ajmal Perfume

Ajmal is one of the top perfume houses in Dubai. Since their founding in the early 1950s, they have been creating luxurious scents to be sold around the world. Oudesire is one of their signature scents and is a great option for both women and men. This floral fragrance mixes the classic oud scent with modern, contemporary tones. Its amber woody base is enhanced by spicy, fruity undertones.

Oudesire is an Eau de parfum made from fresh ingredients like orange flower, jasmine, rose, ginger, and raspberry. These blends to create a unique scent that many women (and those around them) will love. Check out this intoxicating and seductive fragrance when you are shopping for oud in Dubai.

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a well-known fashion and beauty brand worldwide. And in 2007, they launched the Oud Wood fragrance in their Private Blend collection. Currently, a best-seller worldwide, this scent is a great introduction to oud if you are taking in these intense fragrances for the first time.

Oud Wood is known as a pioneer in the mainstream fragrance industry, as it is one of the first and most successfully marketed unisex fragrances with oud as a key ingredient. It has a unique blend of ingredients, which include rosewood, vetiver, cardamom, sandalwood, Chinese pepper, tonka bean, amber, and vanilla.

This perfume has woody base notes with crisp and fresh hints of rose and nectar. Because this fragrance can lean more on the masculine side, that makes a good opportunity for fragrance layering. Check out our tips below to learn how to combine various perfumes to create your own signature scent efficiently.

Alexandria III

The Alexandria III is a new scent created by Xerjoff Universe that was just released in 2019. It is a follow-up to their popular Alexandria and Alexandria II. This traditional oriental fragrance has base tones of Laotian oud and Bulgarian rose with hints of cinnamon, lavender, rosewood, lily-of-the-valley, cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla, musk, and amber.

This intoxicating perfume is considered unisex, but it is still a great choice for women because of its soft and warm aroma. It comes in a beautiful bottle and has an aromatic floral scent. The woody and spicy undertones create an intense, yet sweet scent that can create a warm feeling when it is taken in. Alexandria III is a high-quality oud perfume for women and men. With its great longevity, a little bit goes a long way.

Oriental Oud Spray by Arabian Oud

Arabian Oud is another popular perfume house. It was founded in 1982 and currently has over 900 locations around the world. Needless to say, this fragrance shop is a must-visit when you are in Dubai. Their Oriental Oud Spray is a great option when you are searching for the best oud perfumes for women. It’s an authentic Middle Eastern fragrance that makes for a great souvenir.

This oriental perfume has a luxurious aroma, with a hint of bergamot and saffron. It uses matured rose petals and oriental oud to create a rich fragrance. The undertones of amber and pachole help create a unique balance of fragrances that will entice everyone around you. Its high-quality ingredients blend to create a perfume that is long lasting and will stick with you throughout the day.

Nasamat Oud Bouquet

Oud Bouquet by Nasamat is an oriental fragrance with a sweet smell, made from a combination of citrus and woody notes. This unisex fragrance was released in 2014 and is manufactured with a unique blend of traditional Arabian and Western aromas.

The fragrance’s dominant notes are bergamot, orange, and lemon, and its heart notes include various Mediterranean fruits. You can detect hints of white musk, Madagascan vanilla, and amber. Oud Bouquet is a complex fragrance that will start out sweet and warm, then become intense and intoxicating with its amber notes. You can find this fragrance at many perfume houses in Dubai, including Dubai Mall.

Opus No. V by Amouage

Amouage is another popular perfume house that has been manufacturing and selling luxury fragrances for over 35 years. Their Opus No. V is a floral and woody unisex fragrance. It has dominant notes of Orris Absolute, rhum, rose, and jasmine. Once it settles in, you can take in hints of dry wood accord, agarwood, and civet.

Unlike some other more intense oud perfumes, this one is subtle, but still potent enough to last the whole day. Opus V is a clean and desirable scent that is great for people who are getting introduced to oud fragrances.

Shay Oud by Anfasic Dokhoon

Anfasic Dokhoon is a premier Emirati fragrance house that you should visit when you take a trip to Dubai. They are one of the biggest manufacturers of bakhoor. Their Shay Oud perfume combines luxurious scents in the oriental and floral fragrance family to create a sweet and woody aroma.

This unisex fragrance has dominant notes of frankincense with undertones of balsamic and honey that help to create a feminine sweetness. After wearing this scent for a while, it will intensify with the notes of agarwood. It is a great all-around scent to wear throughout the year.

Shay Oud is a high-quality perfume that comes in an attractive purple and gold bottle. It makes a great addition to any lady’s fragrance collection. You can also purchase a Shay gift box or the Shay oud wood to burn in your home. These are great options if you are planning to purchase an oud perfume as a present for a loved one.

Oud Couture by Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera is a luxury fashion and fragrance brand with a mission to help women feel confident and beautiful. Their fragrance, Oud Couture, is an Arabian-inspired fragrance that blends with a modern New York style. This unisex fragrance has an exotic scent that isn’t too intense or harsh. This makes it a great option for both day and nightwear.

The fragrance has a warm woody and floral aroma that’s sure to have a seductive edge when worn. It has floral, spicy top notes with ingredients that include pepper, rose taif, saffron, clove, cedarwood, and of course, agarwood. Its hint of jasmine makes the fragrance milder and easy to wear for oud newbies.

This luxury fragrance will last a long time after application. You can purchase it as a spray or an oil. When you purchase Oud Couture, try layering it with other fragrances in the Herrera Confidential collection.

Oud Yas

Yas The Royal House of Perfume is one of the most prestigious perfume houses founded in Dubai. They are known for their luxury French and Arabian perfumes manufactured from high-quality ingredients. Oud Yas is one of their most popular oud perfumes.

This fragrance has an oriental woody scent that is great for both men and women. Made from a harmonious blend of fragrances, Oud Yas has woody and oud notes with citrus undertones. Ingredients in this scent include cashmere wood, musk, moss, verbena, rosemary, bergamot, agarwood, sandalwood, and patchouli.

Velvet Desert Oud by Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is a well-known fashion brand around the world. They recently started manufacturing oud fragrances because of this ingredient’s popularity all over the world. Their Velvet Desert Oud is a sensual perfume with dominant notes in the woody spice fragrance family.

This smoky and warm fragrance was inspired by the culture and majesty of the Middle East. Its incense notes are reminiscent of the desert dunes. As you take in this complex fragrance, enjoy the notes of amber and hint of musk that is light and inviting.

Velvet Desert Oud is an Eau de Parfum sold as a part of D&G’s Velvet collection. Sample them all while you are shopping for perfumes in Dubai.

Tips for Choosing an Oud Scent

Oud is currently one of the most desirable—and expensive—scents in the world. It has a unique and sensual animalic aroma that is unlike any other perfume ingredient out there. That is why so many people from countries around the world are looking for these fragrances. They want to wear a unique, intoxicating scent that will turn heads when you walk down the street.

Where oud was once an intense and often harsh scent for some people, it has been used in the mainstream fragrance industry, blended with softer fragrance families, and is now accessible for people of all walks of life to enjoy.

Many oud scents are made to be worn by both men and women. So, it is always a good idea to experiment with new scents you may not have tried before. You may be introduced to a scent you never thought you would enjoy. Oud perfumes now offer a diverse selection for a variety of styles, personalities, and purposes.

When you are in Dubai shopping for oud perfumes for women, it may be a little overwhelming. Where do you start? Check out some of our tips for selecting your signature oud fragrance in Dubai:

Look for High-Quality Ouds

Oud is one of the most expensive ingredients in the perfume industry, and for a good reason. It creates a strong, long-lasting scent that is sure to entice those around you. What that means is, you definitely do not want a fake.

Off-brand or low-quality oud perfumes will not have as intense an aroma as those from luxury brands. They will often fade away after a few hours of wear. Also, low-tier perfumes are often diluted with alcohol, which can irritate people with sensitive skin.

When shopping in Dubai, visit a premier perfume house to find a high-quality scent made with authentic ingredients. These will have warm undertones and leather, animalic notes. And because these bottles are manufactured from quality ingredients, you will not have to apply as much on your skin and clothes. A little goes a long way. Thus, your bottle of oud perfume will last you a long time.

What’s the Occasion?

Next, when you are choosing an oud scent, consider the occasion in which you will be wearing it. Wearing a scent during the day means you may want to choose a lighter, less intense scent. Try a fresh, sweet scent that is subtle on the nose.

If you are choosing a scent for nightwear, you may want one that is stronger and more seductive. Consider an oud perfume with musk and spice notes for an intense and intoxicating aroma. Great for date night!

Consider Layering Fragrances

Many luxury fragrance houses will mix oud perfumes with other fragrance families. This process can help you create sensual blends. This layering is also great to tone down the intensity of oud for beginners.

If you want to layer your oud fragrances, take a good look at the ingredients and the fragrance families. Some fragrances that are strong and intense will stand alone well on their own. To blend and combine scents, start with those that have more simple olfactory notes and combine them with complementary scents.

Masculine or Feminine?

Although you are shopping for oud perfume for ladies, it is often common for women to wear more intense, almost masculine scents. Most oud perfumes are designed to be unisex, but there are some that come with a more sweet, feminine aroma. Consider whether you want to wear a fragrance that leans to masculine or feminine aromas.

Sample Different Oud Perfumes

Just like with trying out new foods, you always want to sample your oud perfume before you buy a bottle. You can do this by spraying a small amount on your wrist or a sample piece of paper. Salespeople in luxury perfume houses in Dubai will often let you sample and layer scents in the store. It is often a good time for them to talk to you about the various options you have!

While you shop and sample fragrances, this is a great opportunity to check out the variety available. When you know all of your options, you will be better able to decide on your favorite one.

Consult with the clerks and let them know about your style and what you want out of your perfume. They should be able to provide you with a recommendation you may like. When you are in Dubai, visit some of the most popular Emirati perfume houses like Arabian Oud, Amouage, or Ajmal.

Tips for Wearing Oud Perfumes and Making It Last

In the Middle East, a woman’s scent can be just as much a crucial accessory as a gorgeous piece of jewelry or stylish handbag. Many ladies take their fragrance application seriously to make a great first impression or intoxicate those around them. Oud is an ideal fragrance to help you achieve that goal.

Oud perfumes have an intense and luxurious scent. Its warm sweetness tends to come with an undertone of woodiness and spiciness. Because ouds come in many varieties, they tend to be truly complicated fragrances. They can be pretty potent and long-lasting if you apply them in the correct manner. They can remain on the skin or clothes for hours after the initial application.

Take a look at some tips women can use when applying and wearing oud for the best results:

Learn How to Layer Your Fragrances

In the Middle East, a regular practice of wearing perfumes is layering different scents. Often, when you are shopping for your favorite oud perfume, the salesperson at the perfume house will walk you through creating the perfect pairing. Adding layers of various scents can help make your signature scent more complex and interesting to take in.

Many oud scents are considered unisex, acceptable for wear on both men and women. However, these unisex scents can tend to be harsh when they are applied by themselves. Women can use certain methods to make their oud scent more unique and feminine. Ladies in Dubai often mix oud fragrances with softer scents like florals to add layers to it and create a softer, less harsh aroma.

You, too, can mix scents to create your own unique signature aroma. The key when layering scents is to stick with those that are complementary to each other. Your base scent should be the more intense scent, like a woody or spicy aroma. The secondary scent should be lighter and less intense. For instance, you can try layering an oud perfume base with a soft, floral scent.

When you are first getting started layering fragrances, you may be overwhelmed with your choices. Here are some beginner examples of good fragrance pairings:

  • Florals match well with woody scents
  • Citruses compliment spicy scents
  • Spice pairs well with sweet vanilla
  • Oud scents work well with jasmine or rose

There is no right or wrong combination of fragrances—it’s all about personal preference. However, you may want to avoid combining two or more heavy fragrances, as they can be overpowering. For instance, wood and spice may not create a pleasant combination.

Layering scents in this manner can add complexity to your oud perfume and help you create a more feminine, even sexy, scent. Try it out the next time you apply your scent.

Apply Your Perfume to Your Pressure Points

To get the most out of your oud fragrance, you must learn how to apply the scent properly. Perfumes are activated by body heat. This means, you want to place your fragrance on areas of your skin where blood is flowing and creating the most heat; these are called your pressure points.

Take advantage of your body’s heat by spraying perfume on your skin’s pressure points:

  • Inside the wrists
  • Behind the neck
  • Behind the ears
  • In the crook of your elbows
  • Behind the knees

Make Your Scent Last Longer

Oud perfumes are known to be intense, long-lasting scents on their own. However, there are many steps you can take to make your scent last even longer. Check out these useful tips:

  • Clean and moisturize your skin. Before applying your oud perfume, make sure your skin is clean and fresh out of the shower. You also want to make sure your skin is well-moisturized. Perfume will cling better to your skin if it is oily, rather than dry. Apply a high-quality lotion or petroleum jelly to your pressure points before applying your perfume.
  • Don’t overdo it. One or two spritzes of perfume should be sufficient. More than that could be too overpowering and cause you (or those around you) to get a headache. You can always reapply a little more throughout the day if your scent becomes weak.
  • Dab the perfume on your skin. This is ideal over rubbing the perfume in. When you rub in perfume, it can actually break down the perfume and weaken its intensity.
  • Spray your perfume from about 5-7 inches away from your skin. Spraying too close will result in large droplets of fragrance to collect on your skin and slip off. Using the perfect distance allows for more even coverage.
  • Store your perfume in a cool, dry place. Choose the best place to store your perfume, like a cool, dry vanity cabinet. Heat and humidity can actually break down your fragrance’s compounds, negatively affecting its strength.

Enjoy Your Trip to Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a popular tourist destination for a number of reasons. The country and its unique cities like Dubai are home to a rich culture that people from all around the globe can appreciate. When you are planning your trip to Dubai, make a plan to take in the music, architecture, clothing, gold, and of course, the oud.

When you are planning your itinerary, make sure to explore the many shopping plazas. There, you can find oud perfumes and more amazing treasures. Talk to the salespeople and ask around so that you can find the best oud for women to bring home a great souvenir.

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