Best Seafood Restaurants in Dubai

Best Seafood Restaurants in Dubai

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Dubai is a popular tourist destination, known for its nightlife, shopping centers, luxurious hotels, pristine beaches, and a variety of great restaurants. Since it’s a coastal city, many of the restaurants in Dubai serve excellent seafood. 

Which are the best seafood restaurants in Dubai? There are lots of restaurants in Dubai that serve amazing seafood. Considering your budget and the type of cuisine you’d like will help you narrow down on which restaurant to choose. 

This guide explores some of the best seafood restaurants in Dubai, with suggestions on what you should order and where to find the restaurant. Happy dining!

1) Ibn Al Bahr

Ibn AlBahr is known for its Lebanese seafood and mezze platters. Its tagline is that it’s “owned by fishermen”, and, as you can imagine, it serves the freshest seafood. It has a special ‘Catch your fish’ display, which features an array of seafood on ice. Once you choose the specific fish or crustacean you want, it will be whisked off to the kitchen. Chefs will steam, fry, or grill it according to your preferences and serve the seafood with a side of rice and sauces. 

While dining on its delicious array of dishes, you can enjoy the view of a pristine beach, and turquoise seas. The restaurant also runs fishing experiences, during which you can head out to the sea with their fishermen. They’ll show you their secret fishing techniques and, once you’re back on shore, you can dine on what you catch!

What to order: try the Samke Harra, which is a fish ratatouille, the Tajen Samak, which is fish with a creamy tahini sauce, and the Grilled Squid. 

Address: Club Vista Mare, Palm Jumeriah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

2) Fish Beach Taverna 

Fish Beach Taverna is a popular restaurant at Le Meridien Mina Seyahi. It serves Aegean cuisine including delicious and healthy Turkish and Greek dishes. It is an outdoor restaurant, so you can enjoy the fresh air and view of the sea as you dine. 

Its menu is divided into hot and cold plates. While the cold dishes are perfect for a light lunch, you can enjoy the hot dishes in the evening while watching the sunset over the sea. The restaurant has a special sundowner menu, which includes a cold plate, a hot plate, and a tropical cocktail at a fixed price. 

What to order: Out of the selection of the cold plates, try the Vantuz \ dendrolivano, which is grilled octopus marinated in rosemary and garlic or the Midye dolma \ gemista mydia which is mussels stuffed with brown rice, onions, spices, and nuts. Out of the selection of the hot plates, try the Kokorec, which is a seabass and seabream casserole. 

Address: Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina

3) Bu Qtair

Bu Qtair was started in the 1980s, as a small eatery for Indian expatriates to enjoy chai and traditional South Indian food. Since then, it has evolved to become a favorite amongst Dubai locals and tourists. 

The restaurant does not have a menu, but rather offers its diners the chance to select whichever fish or crustacean they’d like from an array that is caught fresh every day. The chefs will then cook the seafood in their special masala curry and fry it to perfection. It will be brought to your table in less than 15 minutes. 

The restaurant offers quick and warm service, but no-frills; you’ll dine outdoors sitting on simple plastic chairs. It’s a great dining destination is you’re on a budget. 

What to order: Try the fried fish curry and chili prawns paired with rice or tapioca curry. 

Address: Old 32B Street, Umm Suqeim

4) Pierchic

Pierchic is an award-winning restaurant in the Jumeriah Al Qasr, a five-star hotel. It is perched on the hotel’s private pier and overlooks the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai skyline. It serves a range of cuisines but is best known for its Mediterranean fare.  

As well as being known for its fresh seafood, Pierchic is known for its sustainable operations. Most of the ingredients are locally sourced and made. 

If you’re dining at the restaurant, try the Prestige Menu, a seven-course tasting menu that includes Dibaba oysters, scallops, tuna, and hamachi ceviche and a velvety foie gras terrine. 

What to order: other than the prestige menu, you should also try the royal king crab, marine plankton seafood risotto, and the grilled french blue lobster. 

Address: Al Qasr at Madinat

5) Ossiano at The Palm 

Ossiano is a bar and restaurant that, quite literally, allows you to dine underwater. It is built under the Atlantis Palm hotel and has towering glass walls. As you dine, you’ll see sharks, fish, and stingrays swim by. For an extra charge, professional divers will deliver a message to a loved one. 

The ambiance of the restaurant is stunning, but so is the restaurant’s food. The restaurant is helmed by Chef Gregoire Berger, a prolific chef who has received several awards. The menu is centered around fresh seafood and Mediterranean cuisines. 

Put your taste buds entirely in the chef’s hands by choosing the nine, eleven or thirteen-course tasting menu. These menus have been designed to showcase the best flavors and ingredients from the sea. 

What to order: if you don’t order the tasting menu, try The Speciality, The Seafood, The Pasta, and The Meat from the a la carte menu; these dishes each feature an ingredient of the day and help simplify your meal choice for you!  Other menu choices are The Dessert and The Cheese, each of which complements the main flavors. 

Address: The Palm, Atlantis – Dubai

6) Al Mahara at the Burj Al Arab 

The Burj Al Arab is Dubai’s iconic seven-star hotel and Al Mahara is its flagship restaurant. It’s no surprise that Al Mahara is known for offering dinners a luxurious, delectable fine dining experience. 

Al Mahara, or ‘The Oyster Seashell’ has a menu that is centered around fresh seafood. The restaurant is surrounded by an aquarium so you can watch corals sway and fish swim by as you dine. The restaurant is helmed by Chef Kim Joinie-Maurin, who has received three Michelin stars. 

Al Mahra is also known for its wine collection and craft cocktails. 

What to order: Try the crispy oysters, which are served with caviar and cucumber sauce, the lobster meat cocktail, which is topped with black truffles and the salt-baked sea bass. 

Address: Burj Al Arab Jumeirah – Jumeirah St – Dubai

7) Noepe at the Park Hyatt 

Noepe is a charming, seaside restaurant in the Grand Hyatt on Dubai’s main promenade. It’s decor and flavors have been inspired by Cape Cod. A meal at Noepe will allow you to relax, unwind and enjoy delicious food and a soothing view of the creek.

Every Saturday, Noepe holds the Noepe Lobster Bake, a brunch that features their new lobster dishes, like lobster rolls, and lobster cobb salad. There’s always plenty of refined wines, beautifully made craft cocktails and glasses of champagne. 

What to order: if you can’t make it for the Noepe Lobster BAke, be sure to order the cioppino soup which is a hearty seafood bisque, and the mixed crispy seafood basket. You should also try the sea bass and coconut ceviche which is garnished with a creamy raspberry mousse. 

Address: The Promenade, Park Hyatt Dubai

8) The MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill

The Maine is a chain of restaurants across the UAE which is known for its great service and delicious flavors. The MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill is in the DoubleTree By Hilton and has sea views and dishes that highlight clean flavors. 

Known for its seafood, the restaurant has a raw seafood bar as well as seafood towers across the room. It also serves beautifully crafted cocktails and has a carefully curated wine list. 

What to order: if you’re dining with a big party, you should order Neptune’s Folly, which is a three-tier seafood tower which is built with crabs, prawns, oysters, and scallops. You should also try the crispy fish tacos, the spicy shrimp linguine, and the bloody shell which features stoli gold vodka, clamato, fresh oysters and poached prawns. 

Address: Ground Floor, DoubleTree by Hilton JBR, Dubai, U.A.E.

9) Aprons & Hammers

As soon as you step into Aprons & Hammers, you’ll be given an apron and hammer. You can then join the restaurant’s diners and crack, smash and laugh your way through a delicious crustacean filled meal. 

The restaurant dishes out large portions of freshly caught seafood which is marinated, grilled and stir-fried with a variety of sauces and seasonings. The restaurant is known for its buckets which can be filled with shrimps, prawns, lobsters, crabs, and mussels. You can also enjoy a variety of fresh fish dishes that are steamed, baked, and fried. If you’re traveling with your children, they can choose from the Little Hammers menu which has child-friendly dishes. 

What to order: As well as the buckets you should try the Mahi-mahi burger, with breaded fish fillets, the grilled salmon or sea bass, and the seaside seafood platter. 

Address: The Beach JBR, La Mer Jumeriah, Dubai

10) 101 Dining, Lounge & Bar at One&Only The Palm

This 101 Dining restaurant and lounge is perched on the rooftop of the One & Only Hotel and has a beautiful view of the Dubai Marina. The restaurant is curated by Chef Yannick Alleno, who has three Michelin stars and who has created am exquisite seafood-focused menu. 

Throughout the day, the space is a relaxed restaurant. From 4-6 pm, the restaurant has a sundowner special with live mixed music. After the sun sets, cocktails and wines begin to flow and the restaurant turns into a vibrant lounge and bar, inviting guests to dance. It’s a great place to go if you want some delicious seafood but also want a fun night out!

What to order: some of the restaurant’s signature dishes include wild sea bass, steamed john dory, and monkfish in printed herbs. You should also try the fresh squid ink pasta with tender sea urchins, and the prawn ravioli. 

Address: 101, One&Only The Palm, Palm Jumeirah

11) Catch 22

Catch 22 is a fun, quirky chain of eateries across the UAE. It currently has three outlets, each of which has upbeat decor and which serves delicious seafood. Catch 22 is also known for its giant creamy milkshakes. 

The menu at this chain of eateries features American style food including burgers and salads. However, it also serves sushi and a variety of paellas. 

What to order: sushi is extremely popular at Catch 22. Try the avocado eel roll, the san Fransisco chill roll with crab, and the spicy tuna roll. Other must-try dishes are the lobster arancini balls, the seafood nachos, and the seabass Verde. 

Address: Catch 22 has two outlets in Dubai; head to the one nearest to you! Here’s where you’ll find the restaurants: 

  • The Beach Mall, Jumeriah Beach Residence, Dubai UAE
  • La Mer, South. Jumeriah 1. Dubai UAE

12) Seaview Restaurant

Seaview Restaurant is on the Jumeriah Harbour and is a great restaurant for delicious seafood at reasonable prices. 

This restaurant has its own fishing boat and troop of fishermen, who head out to sea early each morning and bring back fresh catch. It is this catch that’s used in the restaurant. So, you can be sure you are eating both fresh and sustainably caught seafood. 

The cuisines served at the restaurant are primarily Indian, with a menu of curries, and tandoori dishes. However, there are also grilled Meddiarean dishes and a few Oriental options.  

What to order: at this restaurant, try to stick with the Indian dishes. Order the fish curry, tandoori fish, or the prawn coconut curry. You can also try the peri peri sheri, which is a special fish preparation, and the fish masala papad, which is fish stuffed in crispy bread. 

Address: Umm Suqeim 1, Fishing Harbor, Off Jumeirah Road, Dubai, UAE

13) Fish Hut Local Seafood Restaurant

Fish Hit Local Seafood Restaurant is a small, unassuming space, but is a favorite amongst Dubai locals. It’s famous for its delectable seafood dishes and its hospitable staff. 

Its menu has a range of cuisines and has Oriental, Italian, Indian, and Mediterranean style dishes. 

The restaurant is five minutes from the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, making it an ideal eatery for tourists exploring Dubai. If you don’t want to step out of your home or hotel, Fish Hut will also deliver their dishes to your door. 

What to order: the grilled dishes at Fish Hut are particularly popular. Try the grilled prawns, the grilled lobsters, the grilled crab, and the grilled salmon. You should also order the grilled snapper fish, the crispy shrimps and the prawns mappas curry, a south Indian curry made with coconut milk. 

14) The Beach Bar and Grill at The Palace

The Beach Bar and Grill by Mauro Colagrec is a beautiful restaurant that overlooks the Arabian sea. Helmed by Chef Mauro Colagreco, it focuses on delivering authentic Argentinian and Medditarean cuisine. 

While the restaurant offers fine dining food, the vibe of the restaurant is relaxed. Diners are invited to lounge on comfortable wooden sofas and step down to the beach while they wait for their food to be prepared. The restaurant can even set up a private table on the beach if you’re after a romantic dining experience!

 What to order: try the mussels with cream and herbs as your appetizers and the grilled salmon for your mains. Or, try the surf and turf, a dish that combines fresh seafood and a beautifully done steak. 

Address: The Palace, One&Only Royal Mirage, Al Sufouh Road, Dubai Marina, Dubai

15) Dampa Seafood Grill 

Dampa Seafood Grill is a small, no-frills eatery that is known for its large portions and delicious seafood. It serves especially good Asian seafood. 

The restaurant is known for its Dampa Sea Feast dumps which are ideal for a party of four. When you order one, the waiters will ‘dump’ their freshest, primest catch on your table and leave you to sort through it to find delectable seafood treasures. The sea feast is accompanied by fishbowl mocktails and unlimited rice. 

What to order: you should also try the crispy tilapia, the grilled salmon head, the grilled tuna jaw, and the cajun crab. Unlimited rice is served with all dishes. 

Address: Block A, Centurion Star Tower, Near Deira City Center Metro Station, Street 9 C, Deira City Centre Area, Dubai


Dubai has a wonderful collection of seafood restaurants that cater to every budget and taste. Enjoy fine dining at restaurants like Al Mahara, Ossiano at The Palm, and Noepe at the Grand Hyatt. Or, have an affordable, but still delicious meal at restaurants like the Fish Hut Local Seafood Restaraunt, or Catch 22.

As well as its beaches, luxurious hotels, and shopping malls, Dubai is known for its food. If you are a tourist, try to visit a few of these restaurants to make the most of your visit to Dubai!

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