Choosing the Right Hostel Management Software

If you are thinking about how to start a hostel business on a limited budget, your thoughts are likely gravitating toward the hostel management software necessary for success. 

However, if you are like most people, you do not know where to start in the search for the optimal hostel software. 

Read through this in-depth look at hostel management software, do your homework and you will be able to make a truly educated decision.

The Basics of Hostel Management Software

Hostel management software is engineered to facilitate the coordination of the activities necessary to own and operate a hostel.  These nuanced programs integrate room bookings in advance, room check-ins, check-outs, cleaning schedules and plenty more to ameliorate the challenge of running a hostel. 

In fact, some hostel software is in-depth to the point that it facilitates the management and allotment of the subtleties of the business such as beds, TVs, refrigerators, desks, etc. 

In short, it makes it easy for hostel managers to keep close track of just about everything necessary to properly run a hostel.  This software also streamlines hostel operations in a seamless manner, helping hostel managers and owners maximize revenue.  Even if you purchase or launch a comparably small hostel, you will need a high-quality tool in order to store and access hostel-related information in a truly efficient manner.  Let’s take a look at a few examples of hostel software to help those considering entering this competitive business.

A.T.S.I. Hostel

Choosing the right software involves more than simply selecting the one with the lowest price or the best rating.  It would be ideal for a comparably large hostel in Europe might not prove ideal for your unique hostel in the United States or elsewhere. 

A.T.S.I. is one of the better programs available to hostel owners.  This software empowers hostel owners to track information in a single convenient place in a truly seamless manner.  The software entails fee payment, room allotment and additional information essential to running a hostel. 

A.T.S.I. software is detailed to the point that it implements information about residents staying at the hostel ranging from their specific charges to room numbers and so on.  Those who own several hospitals will find this software quite helpful as it facilitates the administration of multiple properties including occupancy rates for each, warden names and other details.  In fact, A.T.S.I. software also facilitates the automation of hostel admission to boot.  Everything is streamlined to enter, store and access information in a quick and efficient manner.

Cloudbeds Hostel

Hostel software should make life easy for hostel managers.  Cloudbeds does exactly that. 

This software covers hostel manager needs across the board, facilitating tasks and ultimately adding to the bottom line.  If you are on the prowl for administration that boosts your hostel’s organization, enhances staff morale and even improves the on-site experience for hostel customers, you will love Cloudbeds.  This software really does boost reservation numbers, spike revenue and make it that much easier to run a profitable hostel business.

When reviewing the many different administration options, it is best to zero in on those that streamline tasks and operations.  This is what Cloudbeds does best.  This software completes hostels’ daily tasks in a truly efficient manner. 

There is no need to spend hours using this software to process tasks such as establishing reservations and determining which rooms need to be cleaned.  In fact, setting up a reservation with the software takes mere seconds.  Cloudbeds makes it easy to monitor hostel functions with an intuitive “drag and drop” calendar function built directly into the software. 

Cloudbeds has been carefully designed to boost hostel reservations through the maximization of room occupancy.  In short, Cloudbeds’ easy-to-use booking engine empowers hostel employees with varying levels of tech expertise do what matters most: quickly and easily book guests, process payments and track rooms for housekeeping purposes.  In fact the software even provides hostel owners with the ability to assign specific permissions and access levels to individual staff members.

eZee Absolute

Wouldn’t it be nice if your hostel software facilitated reservations, check-ins and the tracking of room vacancies on your behalf?  Give eZee Absolute a try and you will find it does just that.  Those who own multiple hostels will find this software seamlessly integrates the details of each task in a truly organized and efficient manner.  eZee Absolute makes it easy to manage several hospitals on a single platform, regardless of your specific location.  The software functions on a wide array of computing devices ranging from traditional PCs to laptops, tablets and even smartphones.

Part of the challenge in selecting the perfect hostel software is finding one that provides the ability to customize functions and features.  eZee Absolute allows for such customizations in accordance with each hostel’s unique requirements.  If you are especially concerned with synching up your hostel websites with the reservation software, don’t fret – eZee Absolute makes this feat quite easy.  Furthermore, those who own or direct several hostels will find this software allows guests to book several reservations at multiple hostels at the same moment in time. 

Another key component of hostel softwares is the customer experience.  Give eZee Absolute a try and you will find it records and processes direct guest payments quickly and without flaw.  The software features integrated gateways for customer payment along with credit card processing.  The software facilitates tracking across every stage of the booking process including the payment and the check-in process.  Furthermore, eZee even provides updates and messages by way of email to facilitate the tracking of bookings.  The software also allows hostel managers and owners to directly engage with customers by way of automated emails.  In fact, customers can even use the software to make hostel reservations through WordPress on the web.  The icing on the cake is the fact that eZee provides specialized discounts and packages to those who use the software with regularity.

Consider the Price

These softwares have varying price points.  As an example, eZee Absolute has four price plans. 

  • The Champion plan runs $69.95 per month, providing a litany of features ranging from a channel manager to a cloud hostel PMS.
  • This hostel accounting software’s Star plan is $52.52 per month. 
  • The cheapest plan is just under $30 per month. 

Cloudbeds software pricing hinges on the number of rooms within the hostel. 

A.T.S.I. software provides a pricing package specific to each specific customer with distinct rates for colleges and universities.  Though free hostel management software is also on the market, it has limited features compared to the paid versions. 

Shop around, conduct your due diligence and you will find the hostel software ideal for your unique hostel.

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