Drinking at the Burj Al Arab

Imagine enjoying a cocktail with a view of the pristine shores of Jumeirah. It’s a dream of paradise come true, but is it even possible? I’m here to tell you all about it, and how you can make it happen.

Can you stay at the most iconic hotel in Dubai and drink a beer or a glass of wine? Despite what you may think, you can have a drink at the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah! Since Dubai is the tourist hub of the United Arab Emirates, government officials realize that there is serious money to be made from the sale of alcohol to visitors, especially in the premium luxury suites of the Burj Al Arab.

So that’s it, right? Actually, it turns out that drinking in Dubai can be a little tricky, and I’m going to tell you why. Plus, I’ll share insider secrets about the best drinks in the tower!

You Can Go For Drink

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that the UAE is an Islamic nation. Part of the religion of Islam is Sharia Law, and it is the law of the land in Dubai. For Muslim citizens, this means alcohol is illegal, and possession or consumption can lead to severe penalties.

Luckily, alcohol is A-OK for visitors to enjoy to their heart’s content! That is, unless you plan to do it in public view… but more on that later. For now, you can simply relish the fact that you’ll soon be gazing at the Persian Gulf sunset with a golden daiquiri.

Alcohol is highly taxed in Dubai, though, and the simple reason is because the government can make a pretty penny from that revenue. Not only is it expensive, but sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages in public is limited to licensed liquor outlets. Thankfully, the Burj Al Arab has nine world-class restaurants and bars!

This location attracts some of the ritziest tourists in the world, so its vendors know how to bring their A-game when it comes to crafting cocktails and offering fantastic selections. As a five-star hotel, they have an especially fine assortment of mixed drinks, with some of the most premium liquors and wines on the planet, as well as world-class bartenders.

What You Can’t Do

You may be able to order some of the world’s best handcrafted drinks at the Burj Al Arab, but drinking in Dubai comes with responsibilities. There are laws and regulations that you need to be aware of in order to stay out of trouble. You wouldn’t want to be arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct on vacation!

That’s exactly what could happen if you wander outdoors with a drink in hand. In fact, you can’t buy your own booze at the local liquor store, either. If you’re going to have a drink in Dubai, it has to be at one of their recognized public venues.

You know how alcohol vendors are required to have a liquor license to sell drinks on site? Well, residents of Dubai are required to have a license to purchase alcohol as well. Actually, hotel bars and restaurants are the only places where visitors don’t need licenses, which are only available for those residing in Dubai.

Believe me, you don’t want to even think about taking a drink outside in Dubai! The police in Dubai like to hang out around public drinking spots undercover, dressed as civilians, lying in wait to catch unsuspecting law breakers in the act. If you get caught breaking the rules, you’ll almost certainly be arrested and jailed, with deportation being the likely result.

Enjoy your drinks, but since the laws are a bit strict, you’ll want to read up on them before booking your stay. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the best drinks and bars at the Burj Al Arab.

Best Drinks In Town

Some of the best drinks in Dubai are offered at the Burj Al Arab hotel. That’s because we’re talking about one of the world’s finest luxury hotels. This isn’t your average room service. Here are some of the coolest places to drink in the Burj Al Arab and their best drink options:

  • Scape Lounge
    This chic bar lounge atop the Terrace of Burj Al Arab offers fresh and creative signature cocktails and an inspired wine selection. It’s casual dress and a relaxed atmosphere with stunning rooftop views of the ocean horizon. Drink choices complement the succulent flavors of the chef’s selected delicacies. Beverages are served until 11:30 pm. Definitely spend a night out here!
  • Skyview Bar & Restaurant
    This is a place for light snacks and fine drinks in a smart, elegant atmosphere. Set on the 27th floor of the Burj Al Arab, the window view is sure to knock your socks off. Not to mention, the mixologists here consider making drinks a form of art. Marvel at the taste of the “Diamonds are Forever” signature cocktail, served in a Swarovski crystal glass! Perhaps, to compliment your view of the seemingly infinite blue ocean vista, you’d prefer an “Infinite,” made with Sagatiba Preciosa Cachaca and Passoa Liqueur? Believe me when I tell you, this spot is beyond impressive.
  • Gold On 27
    Another 27th-floor beauty, Gold On 27 offers creative cocktails in an alluring atmosphere beset with gold and jewels. Since smoking is permitted here, they even have a shisha sommelier who sells 20 different flavors of premium shisha for your enjoyment! Sip on a “Sabkha” and relax in mood of the Gold, all while enjoying the same breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf available throughout the Burj Al Arab. Choose from one of the exclusive package offerings to be treated to an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss it!
  • Junsui
    Looking for a little far-east Asian flair on your stay at the Burj Al Arab? Look no further than Junsui, located on the ground mezzanine floor of the hotel tower. Dinner dress is smart casual. Now, the shop closes a little earlier here, but it’s well worth making the early trip. This is where you’ll see master chefs create your masterpiece cuisine right before your eyes, using the finest ingredients. The cocktail lounge and dining room is bathed in crystal, and the selection is absolutely superb. You can’t visit Dubai without experiencing the pure beauty of Junsui.

These are only a few of the amazing restaurant and bar venues available in the Burj Al Arab. Be sure to explore other spots in the tower when you visit as well!

What About Bringing My Own Alcohol?

You may be thinking, “This is all great, but what if I want to drink for a lower price, and do it in my own room?” Well, thanks to airport duty free, you certainly can.

As we’ve said, tourists are not allowed to purchase alcohol outside of hotel bars and restaurants in Dubai. The only exception to that rule is the airport duty free store in Dubai International. These are stores where visitors can purchase goods without paying customs duty (a tax on imported goods).

You’ll find beer, liquor, and wine all free of extra cost. The only catch, of course, is that you have to bring it straight to your hotel and drink it legally. Don’t think that you can bring a bit onto the beach and enjoy the sunset with a sangria in the sand. It just won’t fly in Dubai!

Related Questions

  • How expensive are the drinks in Burj Al Arab?
    A beer at Gold on 27 will run between 75 and 90 AED, while cocktails may cost as much as 300 AED. There are shareable drink deals offered in some locations for a real bargain, 350 – 400 AED.
  • How bad is it if I am arrested for drinking in public?
    If you are arrested for drinking or being drunk while out in public, you’ll be jailed for days, or maybe even weeks, before getting a court hearing. Drinking and driving is totally prohibited with zero tolerance. The penalties for these offenses are harsh, but situation dependent, and include lengthy imprisonment, high fines deportations, and even as much as physical tortures for some violators.
  • Can I drink in my hotel room?
    Tourists are allowed to drink in their hotel rooms, but the beverage must stay inside the room. When drinking in Dubai, you must do so either in the designated public areas or in your room. Don’t even take your drink into the hallway. Sure, you probably won’t get caught… but when you could be enjoying yourself, why risk it?
  • Is there a limit to how much I can drink at the hotel?
    There is no specific limit to the amount of alcoholic beverages you’re allowed to drink, but there are laws about public behavior. As long as you make sure to control yourself and don’t get too drunk, you can have fun without worries.
  • Tell me more about airport duty free?
    The duty free store offers popular liquor brands, beer, and wine at a steep discount. According to Dubai Customs, you can take up to 4 litres of alcohol into the country without paying duty, but watch out! Keep your receipt and bring your liquor straight to the hotel, because if the police catch you with alcohol outside of a public place, you’ll have to prove you just purchased it and you’re transporting it to your place!

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