Gifts that Resemble Dubai

Gifts that Resemble Dubai

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If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, you’ll be headed to one of the most fashionable and famous shopping cities in the world. With that in mind, you’ll be able to get some excellent gift shopping done once you enter the City of Gold. If you want to find some great gifts when visiting Dubai, then we’ve got some fantastic gift ideas for you.

What are the best gift ideas from Dubai? The best gift ideas from Dubai are:

  • Lanterns
  • Aladdin lamps
  • Kava Pots and Coffee Sets
  • Attar
  • Incense Holders
  • Lucky Stones
  • Traditional Arab Shoes
  • Hookahs
  • Jewel Chests
  • Arabic Style Carpets
  • Khanjar
  • Perfume Holders or Stands
  • Abayas
  • Quran Stands
  • Muskets

Since there isn’t much information available on the Internet today regarding the unique gifts you can purchase in Dubai, we created this article to help you out. Below we’ll cover fifteen different innovative gifts that you can buy in Dubai and where you can get them so you’ll know what you want to buy and where you need to go once you get to Dubai.

15 Unique Gift Ideas from Dubai

Once you get to Dubai, you’ll realize why it’s one of the biggest shopping center cities you’ll find across the globe. There are so many choices in innovative items for you to purchase, that can make it feel comfortable to find something. However, with so much to pick from, it can also feel overwhelming to select just one single gift for each one of your loved ones. Below we’ll cover the more traditional, affordable, and shopper-friendly items you’ll find in Dubai. 

Gift Idea #1: Aladdin Lamps

Ever since the first version of Aladdin was released back in 1992, and then again recently re-released with Will Smith, Aladdin Lamps have become very popular. Aladdin lamps are brass lamps that feature stones and intrinsically carved designs on the outside. You can purchase smaller versions of these lamps if you want something little and exotic to bring back and gift to friends and family. 

Depending on the size of your Aladdin lamp, the cost can vary. However, you can save a bit of money if you purchase smaller Aladdin lamps and stretch your budget out a bit more. You can find Aladdin lamps at two beautiful stores in Dubai. The first one is the Karama Souk, which isn’t your usual bazaar, but if you’re willing to walk and window shop, you should be able to find some excellent Aladdin lamps. The Karama Souk is located at Street No. 18b in Dubai, and their phone number is 97143373195. 

If you would rather avoid the Karama Souk, then try to stop by the Al-Karama market, which is right next to the Bur Dubai fish market. You’ll be free to haggle at will here, but if you want an intricate Aladdin lamp with a lot of carving and stones, you will probably have to pay a couple of hundred Dirhams for one. 

Gift Idea #2: Lanterns

Lanterns are an excellent gift concept if you want something that reminds people of Dubai. Most lanterns found in Emirate homes are gorgeous, and feature glass and mirrors to work as a centerpiece in a room. Since lanterns are such essential decorations to the locals in Dubai, there is a lot of craft and time that goes into every lantern that’s created. Because of that, lanterns are incredibly thoughtful gifts. 

So, if you want to get a unique, treasured gift, consider purchasing a lantern that’s made from copper and tin and includes a lot of filigree work on the outside of the lantern. It’s also a good idea to purchase one that has some bits of glass included in the look. Another good idea is to buy one that is octagonal and made from brass. 

Once you start looking at lanterns in Dubai, you’ll see that many of the designs have beautiful decorations and ornaments on them. You’ll see some that use both metal and glass in a crisscross, which creates a stunning shadow effect in any room. Lanterns are usually designed to be set out on a table or hung up. However, if you are flying your lantern back, you’ll need to make sure that you pack and transport it to keep it safe. 

You’ll be able to find lanterns at a few stores in Dubai like F-Zone at the Dragon Mart, Homes R Us, and Karama. If you want something less expensive because you are shopping on a budget, you can purchase lanterns that are made from aluminum and glass at 30 Dirhams, but those that are more high-quality can cost as much as 500 Dirhams. 

You can find the Dragon Mart on Al Awir Road, Dubai 7567. Their phone number is +971 4 433 6200. Homes R Us is located in the Hamriya Shopping Center, which is on Abu Hail Road. The Karama Souk’s address is Street No. 18b in Dubai and their phone number is 97143373195. 

Gift #3: Attar and Essential Oils

In Dubai and throughout most of the Middle East, the lack of water created a tradition where women started using strong-smelling oils so they could perfume and refresh their bodies. This tradition is still prevalent in Dubai, and you’ll even get an intense smell of lovely, exotic perfumes in Dubai when you pass by Arabic women there. 

Attars are oils that are made by distilling flower petals in water. Often oils and spices are also added and you’ll wind up with a mild sandalwood type of oil by the time the process is complete. Then the sandalwood oil sits and absorbs all the perfumes from the distilled essential oil before being packaged into a perfume product. 

You can find essential oil scents in sets of appealing fragrances, including things like white musk and rose, which are both very popular in the United States. You’ll be able to find bottles of all kinds of shapes, sizes, and scents at the Burjurman Center, which is located at Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd in Dubai. Their phone number is +971 4 352 0222.

You may also find an excellent selection of essential oils at the Ibn Battuta Mall, found at PB. 23906 in Dubai. Their phone number is +971 4 3685240.

Gift #4: Coffee Sets and Kava Pots

If you’ve never had Kava, it’s neutralized pure coffee, and one cup of kava is undoubtedly an experience that any coffee lover could enjoy. It’s a coffee that’s prevalent in Arab culture, and it’s often served in intricate pots and cups. Kava coffee pots are very ornate and lined with gold or silver. If you want to purchase a more expensive Kava pot, then opt for one that is inlaid with carvings and stones. In Dubai, the locals love to drink Kava, strong and black. 

Kava cups are also very gorgeous as well. Most of these coffee cups are comprised of copper or silver and feature gold or silver rims. Also, the set is designed to be carried on a tray that is made out of silver or gold. Kava pots and cups are very prized in most Arab homes, and some of the most expensive kinds are family heirlooms that are passed down through generations. 

Depending on the material and intricate decorations and designs on the Kava pot or coffee cups you select, the price can vary widely. If you buy something simple, a basic set would cost about 100 Dirhams. However, the fancier, more ornate versions can cost a few thousand Dirhams. 

If you aren’t sure where to find a Kava coffee set, you’ll see many at the Dubai Mall, which is located at Financial Centre Road in Downtown Dubai. Their phone number is +971 800 382246255. Another place that will have plenty of stores offering these types of coffee sets is the Mall of the Emirates. Their address is Al Barsha 1 in Dubai, and their phone number is +971 4 409 9000. 

Gift Idea #5: Lucky Stones

Lucky stones are also prevalent in Dubai and are similar to the concept of birthstones that we have in the United States. Much like birthstones, lucky stones are based on the person’s month of birth and feature gold, silver, and platinum rings or pendants. The idea behind lucky stones is that they are supposed to bring good luck to the person that wears their correct stone. 

Lucky stones are great gifts that can be given to either men or women. That’s because they come in a bevy of designs, meaning you should be able to find the right one for even the pickiest loved one in your family. If you’re a guy with a special woman in your life, then think of buying an entire set of lucky stone jewelry, including the ring, bracelet, a necklace, and a set of earrings. You’ll be able to select from several precious metals for your base. 

You can ask for jewelry with filigree work as well as classic Arabian designs.  If you’re a woman shopping for a man, think about purchasing finger rings with a simple single stone and simple design. 

The best store in Dubai to purchase lucky stones at is Pearlicious in Covent Garden, located in the Dubai Marina. The prices can vary because much depends on the metal you choose and the size and cut of the stones. A typical stone will cost about 120 Dirhams, and it can cost several thousand Dirhams if you want to put something in a metal setting.

Gift Idea #6: Incense Holders

Incense cultures have a long-standing history in Arab culture, and if you purchase one from Dubai, you’ll wind up with a lovely luxury gift for a loved one. Incense holders have long been a part of the Middle East’s culture. Incense holders in Dubai typically have frankincense or myrrh, which both create delightful, sweet scents. 

If you are ever invited to a traditional Arabic wedding in Dubai, you’ll see some very rich, jewel-decorated holders that overflow with lovely smoke and are passed around you as a way to welcome people into the wedding. You’ll also see incense holders used in religious celebrations in Dubai, like at births. 

Most malls in Dubai will have incense burners for you to view. However, if you want to go somewhere fun and experience a bit more adventure than that, you can go to the Spice Souk in Old Deira, where you’ll find not only incense and incense holders, but also coals and other essential items you may need to burn incense. If you decide to go to the Spice Souk, we recommend going to the store at around 5 PM. 

If you decide to shop in the morning, you’ll have to buy early because most stores take a break and put their shutters down at 1 PM, which is the hottest point of the day. Also, if you don’t want to travel with a full-sized incense holder when you come home, you can purchase an electric incense burner instead. You’ll find the Spice Souk at Sikkat Al Khail Road in Dubai. 

Gift Idea #7: Hookahs

If you’ve ever been inside an Arab home, then you’ve probably seen a Hookah before. Pretty much every house in Dubai, as well as the Middle East, has a hookah somewhere inside of it. Sometimes, hookahs are only decorative. However, in other homes, hookahs act as a fun indulgence and something to smoke when friends come over. Typically in Arab culture, very ornate and highly-priced hookahs are given a place of pride in somebody’s home.

If you want to purchase a costly gift, then buying a Hookah with a long, flexible hose and a glass bass that features 12-carat gold decorations would be an excellent option for a gift. If you want to get the right size, three-feet is very standard. We do understand that it is quite significant to bring back with you, however.

So, if you want to opt for something that’s a bit smaller and easier to pack, you can purchase the twenty-inch version of a hookah. If you aren’t sure where to go to purchase a hookah in Dubai, head over to the Carrefour Hyper Market, which you’ll find at the Karam Souk on Street No. 18b in Dubai. Most hookahs start at about 40 Dirhams and cost up to a maximum of 200 Dirhams. 

Gift #8: Jewel Chests

You can purchase a beautiful jewel chest in Dubai if you want an innovative gift for somebody special in your life. In Dubai, you’ll find many hand-carved inlaid jewel chests that use sandalwood as well as enhanced silver, brass, and precious as well as semi-precious stones. If you have a friend that highly values his or her trinkets, then a jewel chest is a great gift idea. In Dubai, the making of jewelry chests is a real art, and you can find several unique designs with beautiful ornaments on them. 

Some jewel chests are very intricate with their carvings, and demonstrate pictures of Bedouins in the desert, while others show some distinct local views. Some designs are fancier than others, and you’ll find so many options when it comes to jewelry chests, you should be able to find something easily. These jewel chests typically cost between 250-700 Dirhams for a smaller case. 

If you aren’t sure where to find a jewel chest in Dubai, then head over to the Dubai Gold Souk, which you’ll find at Khalid Bin Waleed Road in Deira, Dubai. 

Gift #9: Arab Shoes

If you aren’t sure what we mean by “Arab shoes,” then you’ll have to think back to the 1992 movie Aladdin again. If you can picture the type of shoes that Aladdin wore in the film, that’s what we are talking about. Arab shoes are a slim fit shoe that has a taper at the toes. If the shoe is for a man, it will have a curly tip. Traditional Arab shoes come in a bevy of color options and styles. 

The male version of the traditional Arab shoe gives men many options in threadwork that goes along the main body of the shoe. Women’s shoes are usually enhanced with beads, baubles, and cloth balls to add decoration and style. Also, some versions of these shoes made for women feature heels, and that tells you that there is pretty much something for everyone when it comes to Arab shoes. 

You’ll also get a choice in your type of Arab shoe whether you pick a slip-on type shoe or one that is totally covered. Some even come with support straps on the back of the shoe. If you aren’t sure where to go in Dubai to purchase Arab shoes, we recommend the Cloth Souk, which you can find at Bur Dubai in Dubai. These shoes also aren’t overly expensive while still being unique to the culture, and only cost about 50 to 100 Dirhams. 

Gift Idea #10: Khanjar Daggers

If you aren’t sure what a Khanjar is, it’s an important part of the traditional attire of Emirati men. A Khanjar is a silver and gold decorated dagger that has a curve or is worn over the man’s dishdashas. Originally, Khanjar daggers were made from the horns of a rhino, but nowadays, they are usually designed from wood. Some more decorative kinds of Khanjars do exist that can come with marble, silver, or sandalwood handles. 

The Khanjar also features a traditional sheath that is usually decorated with a silver weave of threat. Also, the cost of any Khanjar will depend on the intricacy of the weave, and the amount of workmanship that was placed into the product. If you decide you want to purchase a Khanjar for a loved one, make sure to purchase one with two rings so that it can be easily attached to belts.

You want any Khanjar you purchase to feel heavy. Original Khanjars typically come with five rings, but nowadays, it’s more common to find them with two rings. Even if you decide you don’t want to buy one or that they are out of your price range, you can still enjoy time looking at them. Cheaper Khanjars start at 100 Dirhams, and more expensive ones can cost several thousand Dirhams depending on the workmanship.

If you aren’t sure where to go to purchase a Khanjar, we suggest visiting the Yemen Pavilion, which is located at the global Village in Dubai. 

Gift Idea #11: Perfume Holders and Stands

We already mentioned earlier how popular perfume in Dubai is. If you didn’t already know, you can even have a new fragrance created in Dubai to suit somebody that you love. Because perfume is such a popular part of the culture in Dubai, perfume holders and stands there are some of the prettiest that you’ll find around the globe. Many perfume stands are comprised of crystal and glass and are made to hold the perfumes you purchase in Dubai. 

Perfume holders in Dubai come in a bevy of different colors, so you’ll be able to find something even for the pickiest person in your family. Many of the perfume stands you can purchase in Dubai feature gold bases that have pretty carvings on them. Sometimes these bottoms also feature semi-precious stones. The bodies of these holders are typically glass, and some fancier kinds come with gold overlay work. The designs with gold overlay work look very Arabic and will remind you of ancient Islamic architecture.

The caps on these holders feature a variety of different shapes, which further personalizes these perfume holders and also adds to their beauty and fashion. Most perfume stands start at 100 Dirhams and go up from there. If you want a more ornate perfume stand, you may wind up spending a few thousand Dirhams. If you aren’t sure where to go to purchase your perfume stands, you should check out the Dubai Perfume Souk, whose address is Sikkat al Khali in Dubai. 

Gift #12: Arabic Carpets

Arabic carpets are some of the loveliest pieces in the world. These types of carpets are so popular nowadays, they are an international craze. An Arabic carpet is considered one of the best gifts to purchase for somebody in the Middle East that you could then bring back to the United States. You’ll find carpets in a bevy of size options. The most popular type of Arabic carpet is the carpet that you’d place in the middle of a room.

Most of your color options in Arabic carpets look very earthy and come in dark tones of red, brown, and tan, which are the most common colors you’ll find in Arabic carpets. Most of these carpets also include contrasting colors and beautiful Arabian patterns and decorations to create an innovative style.  You’ll also be able to pick between hand-woven Arabic carpets, or mass-manufactured Arabic carpets. Handmade is the higher quality choice, but it will cost you much more. 

If you’re worried that you won’t have the space to fit a very large carpet in your luggage, or you really don’t have enough money to spend on a large Arabic carpet, you could consider purchasing a mouse pad carpet instead. Many high-end carpet stores sell these, and they are authentic mini carpets with a rubber backing to help make it a mouse pad. Depending on the quality and size of a carpet, it could cost you anywhere from 300 to 1000 Dirhams. 

If you don’t know where to go to purchase your Arabic carpet, we recommend National Iranian Carpets, which is found in Beach Jumeriah in Dubai. Their phone number is +971 4 3686003.

Gift Idea #13: Abayas

An abayas is the loose, black robes you’ll see Muslim women using to wear over their regular clothing. Most women wear these robes with the niqab or a veil that covers their face and hair, and only reveals their eyes. Some Arabic countries have seen the abaya evolve quite a bit to feature some style and fashionable color embellishments. So, women can stay modest while still having a nice touch on their outward appearances.

Many abayas also feature beautiful threadwork on the veils and around the body of the robe including the cuffs as well as the hem of the robe. Sometimes you’ll also see artificial stones as well on the outside of the abaya. If you are considering purchasing an abaya for somebody, stay away from the malls because it will be overpriced. Instead, we’d recommend going to Souk Naif in Deira, where you can find abayas at prices between 100 to 300 Dirhams. 

Abayas make excellent gifts for women, even in the United States. If you’re bringing one of these robes back home for a special woman, you can find something pretty and decorative that anybody would be happy to wear in America. 

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve reviewed the top thirteen best fit ideas from Dubai, you should have enough information to think about what you’d like to purchase and bring back for each one of your loved ones and friends. You should be able to plan some gift shopping into your trip, and you’ll know where to go with the help of our article. Once you get to Dubai, we hope you’ll have a great time shopping!

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