How Many Countries Are in Global Village Dubai?

If you are planning a trip to the Global Village in Dubai, you may be wondering which countries are represented at the Global Village. The Global Village changes a bit every year and each year brings in new and exciting attractions, entertainment, shopping, and food.

How many countries are in the Global Village Dubai? There are 78 countries in the Global Village for the 2019/2020 season. The countries are housed in 26 pavilions throughout the Global Village or represented through food kiosks, shopping venues, restaurants, or shows.

At the Global Village in Dubai you can “visit” almost 80 countries in one day! Although there is so much to see, you might want to give yourself a couple days to take it all in. Read on to find out more about the different countries you can visit at the Global Village in Dubai.

Which countries are at the Global Village Dubai?

Now that you know there are almost 80 countries at the Global Village in Dubai, you may be wondering which countries those are. There are countries from many different continents at the Global Village. You’ll see representation from MENA (Middle East and North Africa), Far East, Europe, Africa, the Americas, and South Asia.


The following countries from the MENA are showcased at the Global Village:

  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Yemen
  • Lebanon
  • Syria
  • Iran
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Palestine
  • Jordan

There are 10 pavilions in the MENA section of the global village. Each Pavilion is designed to give you a sense of what each country’s culture is like either by offering food or shopping that is specific to the featured country. Some of the highlights from the MENA pavilions include:

  • Bahraini and Kuwaiti sweets, pickles, and perfumes
  • A tour of the Syria Pavilion that features traditional Syrian food such as labneh, cheese, zaatar, olives, and jam
  • Oils, handicrafts and architecture that displays the UAE’s heritage and hospitality
  • Traditional street markets set up with authentic products, souvenirs, and fresh juices in the style of Palestine and Jordan
  • Yemen’s famous spices and Yemini Daggers
  • Locally manufactured Lebanese soaps and cosmetics

Far East

After you’ve visited the MENA pavilions make sure to head over to the spectacular Far East pavilions. In the Far East pavilions, you’ll see the following countries:

  • China
  • Thailand
  • Japan (New in season 24)
  • Korea (New in season 24)
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines

Some of the things you can expect to see at the Far East pavilions include:

  • Bags, toys, sunglasses, and pretty much any other accessory you can think of at the China pavilion
  • Also at the China pavilion you can see cultural shows, folk dances, and epics that tell of China’s history
  • Specialty Korean beauty products
  • Thai massage shops and fresh Thai fruits such as mangoes and bananas  
  • Anime themed ice creams, soft drinks with collagen, and hostesses clad in authentic Japanese kimonos


The Europe pavilions are always a big hit at the Global Village. This year the Europe pavilions will consist of:

  • Turkey
  • Bosnia & the Balkans
  • Azerbaijan (New for season 24)

There is also a generic European pavilion that, according to the Global Village website, features “…a variety of shops, offering lines of attention grabbing and traditional products originating from a multitude of European countries and cities” (

It doesn’t say what countries and cities are featured in the pavilion, but you can be sure that you’ll find some great shopping and delicious food there!

Here’s an idea of what you’ll see at the Europe pavilions:

  • Spectacular Turkish glass and ceramic ware in beautiful colours that has been modeled after the finest Anatolian designs
  • Traditional Azerbaijani ice cream!
  • Live performances and amazing Bosnian foods such as meat, cheese, spinach, and sweets


The Africa pavilions are comprised of the following countries:

  • Egypt
  • Morocco
  • A generic Africa pavilion that represents these 15 sub-Saharan African countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Senegal, Ghana, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Angola, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Rwanda, Madagascar, Namibia, South Africa, and Nigeria

Some of the items you can expect to find at the Africa pavilions include:

  • Authentic art and hand-carved artifacts made of ebony, rosewood, mahogany, and soapstone
  • African dress, bags, accessories, wallets and more!
  • Traditional Egyptian Jalabiya, statues of ancient Pharaohs, and handicrafts such as carved copper and cotton clothes
  • Mosaic art and stunning Islamic architecture at the Morocco pavilion

Fun Fact: The Africa pavilion won the prize for best pavilion at the Global Village in the 2017-2018 season!

The Americas

The Americas pavilion brings together products and food that represent North, Central, and South America. The sights and sounds at the Americas pavilion are sure to catch your attention:

  • Live performances that showcase various dance styles originating from the Americas
  • Shopping inspired by the streets of New York
  • Traditional South American style weaving
  • Native American headdresses

It’s not easy to find out exactly which North, South, and Central American countries are represented at the Global Village, but the Americas pavilion is a big hit every year.  

Fun Fact: There is a food kiosk at the Global Village called Aloha Vibes by N3 Café where you can get delicious coconut ice cream topped with acai, granola, and berries inspired by the flavours of Hawaii!

South Asia

The South Asia pavilions represent three amazing South Asian countries:

  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan
  • India

Some of the things you won’t want to miss at the South Asia pavilions are:

  • Leather goods, silk, cotton, and Balochi garments from Pakistan
  • Popular Pakistani delicacies such as chaat, samosa tea, lassi, cotton candy kulfi, and bun kabab popcorn (which you can get for a low price)
  • Afghani handcrafts, stones, and leather products
  • Amazing Afghani agricultural products such as saffron, oil, spices, dry fruits, and nuts
  • Authentic Indian shawls, kaftan, jalabia, sandals, carpets, and more!

Are there really 78 countries at the Global Village?

There are about 78 countries being featured at the 2019-20 Global Village and there are definitely not 78 countries listed above – so you may be wondering what the other 30 or so are. The above countries were the only ones listed on the Global Village website (see here:

The countries not listed above may be present at the Global Village in the form of a food kiosk, shopping venue, or a restaurant. The above list deals strictly with the countries that have their own pavilion or share a pavilion with countries from the same region.

Pavilions are where most of the shopping venues and entertainment/shows are while food kiosks and restaurants are dispersed throughout the Global Village. By doing some research I was able to find out the names of a few more countries that you can catch a glimpse of at the Global Village in Dubai.

USA – There are ballcaps emblazoned with NY for sale in the Americas pavilion

United Kingdom – A replica of the famous Tower Bridge of London spans one of the canals at the Global Village

Italy – The food kiosk “Tiramisu Café” serves Italian style snacks

Uzbekistan – Try traditional Uzbek cuisine at Plov 7 (restaurant)

Cuba – The Ballet Revolucion stage show channels a contagious Cuban flavour

Malaysia – Delicious souffles brought to you by Malaysian bakery, MySouffle

Fun Fact: There is a food kiosk at the Global Village that is dedicated purely to Avocados! You can get anything from an avocado salad to an avocado smoothie, as well as something called fried avocado. I’m not sure what that is, but it sounds amazing!

Does the number of countries represented at the Global Village change each year?

The number of countries at the Global Village will change from year to year. Some countries making their Global Village Dubai debut in season 24 include Azerbaijan, Japan, and Korea! Hopefully more and more countries continue to be represented at the Global Village in Dubai.

Related questions

Who is the CEO of Global Village Dubai?

The CEO of the Global Village in Dubai is Bader Anwahi. According to LinkedIn, Anwahi has been with the Global Village for almost three years as of January 2020.

How many people visit the Global Village Dubai?

This is the 24th season of the Global Village in Dubai and every year it is a little bit different. For example, the first Global Village in 1996 brought in half a million visitors, and by 2004 over five million people visited the Global Village in Dubai.

In 2018, about 7 million people visited the Global Village, and that number is probably just going to keep going up. During just the first 2 months of the 2019-20 season over 3.5 million guests visited the Global Village in Dubai.

Over 90 million guests have visited the Global Village since it opened in 1996. It recently became the 4th ranked entertainment destination in terms of average daily visitors behind Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Disneyland in Anaheim, and Tokyo Disneyland.

How much does it cost to visit the Global Village?

The entry fee to the Global Village in Dubai is AED 15 or about 4 USD. This grants you access to the Village where you can walk around, take in the sights, and explore the pavilions. You can also catch a number of shows and entertainment at no extra cost!

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