How Many Homes are in Sun City Hilton Head?

How Many Homes are in Sun City Hilton Head?

Sun City on Hilton Head Island is a senior community that offers an abundance of activities for individuals over the age of 55 years old. Dozens become interested in the community after vacationing on Hilton Head.

Just how many homes are in Sun City Hilton Head, though? There are approximately 7,000 in Sun City and around 10,000 residents in the senior community.

The amenities offered within and near this community’s quarters are why people love it so much.

What types of homes does Sun City have?

Sun City is certainly not your average senior community. Most senior neighborhoods offer condominiums as home, which provide minimal privacy to the residents who pay thousands in mortgage and homeowner association fees.

Sun City is different with its approach to senior living. The 7,000 homes in this community are single-family residential dwelling places that do not require owners to share walls. Privacy is taken to another level when you know that you do not have to worry about your neighbors hearing personal conversations through the walls.

This senior community also offers homes with garages for residents who still drive. Most senior living communities provide parking lots with assigned parking for residents.

What amenities come with senior living in Sun City?

One main benefit that comes with doing life in Sun City is the list of amenities that are included with your residence. There are several golf courses in the gates community and 10 tennis courts for your enjoyment. Sun City also offers three fitness centers along with six swimming pools and an aerobics studio for its residents.

Of course, living in a senior community that does not have shopping options is not as amusing. Sun City offers several retail stores within its quarters so that residents do not get bored with the same stores too quickly. Dining options include Jameson’s Original Charhouse along with food options offered at Clubhouse at Okatie Creek. Jameson’s Banquets Catering Services is available for larger gatherings.

How much does it typically cost to live in Sun City?

The average cost of a family home fit for three individuals is about $600,000 in Sun City. There are also other fees associated with the community such as POA fees, which can cost upwards of $2,500 annually. There is also a one-time fee that new residents pay as well as a transfer fee, which accounts to one percent of the sale price.

The additional fees may seem like a lot at first glance. One should consider, however, the amenities that come with living in Sun City. You have the benefit of a gated community, which heightens security on the premises.

There are also more than five golf courses in Sun City, which are fully accessible to all residents without additional membership fees. Even the most exquisite condominium properties may not offer such a benefit to residents.

Is Sun City its own municipality?

There have been numerous attempts to make Sun City an official municipality. All such efforts, however, have fallen short due to a lack of overall organization.

Still, even though the region is not its own city, Sun City remains a rather orderly area that has its own bylaws for residents to follow. Residents are essentially limited in what they can do in terms of modification to home structures.

Since the ultimate purpose in Sun City is uniformity, residents should not expect to conduct major renovations to their homes. You can, however, maintain properties to ensure the beauty of the community at large when you are a resident.

Things to do outside of Sun City

Of course, residing in your home in Sun City is not the only thing that you can do to keep busy. In fact, you do not even have to remain on the premises to enjoy a relaxed setting. Hilton Head Island is, by default, a slower region that is most ideal for senior citizens.

Hilton Head is home to many beaches and resorts. You can essentially plan a getaway or change in scenery without going far. An airbnb rental in Hilton Hotel may be just what you need to rest and recuperate before getting back to life as normal in Sun City. There are certainly a number of Marriott hotels and resorts, along with Disney’s Hilton Head Resort, from which you may choose.

Visiting the beach is not the only thing that Hilton Head residents may do with their time. There are also a number of shops in the area that provide excellent customer service along with great products. You will have the benefit of knowing that you are supporting small businesses when you patronize companies on Hilton Head. Most of the retailers and restaurant owners are fellow residents.

Is Sun City right for you?

Such City on Hilton Head may be perfect if you are a senior citizen over the age of 55 years old. You may especially appreciate the gated community if you enjoy golf and are searching for a neighborhood that takes extra precautions to ensure that residents are safe.

Sun City is also a great place to live if you enjoy vacations that do not require you to leave the region. There is much to appreciate about Hilton Head and, thus, little reason to leave the island for the purpose of vacationing.

Can you sublet homes in Sun City?

Utilizing airbnb on Hilton Head Island is restricted to the outskirts of Sun City. Residents within the gated community may not sublet their property to individuals under the age of 55 years old.

Those renting space from a Sun City resident may also be restricted in terms of amenities that he or she may access. Golf courses and tennis courts are available for the homeowner’s pleasure. Residents may need additional clearance to allow their renters to access parts of the community that would ordinarily be reserved for homeowners.

There is much to appreciate about Sun City on Hilton Head Island. You only need to take a tour of one of the 7,000 homes on the 5,00-acre land to fall in love with the extravagant lifestyle available.

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