Top 3 Vegan Restaurants in Mexico City [2022]

Top 3 Vegan Restaurants in Mexico City

Disclaimer: I’ve actually not found vegan food particularly delightful until I tried it in Mexico City. After going to one all-vegan restaurant, I could say the flavors did a good job convincing me to want to go vegan. I can’t remember if I’ve had a better meal in a while.

Although I’m not a vegan, my local Mexicana friend has been a vegetarian-leaning vegan for the better part of a decade. She took the liberty to show me what the best vegan restaurants are in Mexico City. I did some delicious research and have come back to report.

If you’re looking for flavor, creativity, and all-around good eats, here are the three best vegan restaurants in Mexico City.


Vegan dining area at a restaurant called Plantasia in Roma Mexico City

Above is the dining area of Plantasia. As you can see, even on a weeknight this place is popular.

Summary: This place is great for ambiance and music. It’s a great date spot with excellent food and eclectic drinks. It made me wish I ate vegan more often. They also have great non-alcoholic cocktails made either of kratom or kava.

This was the first restaurant we visited. From the moment you enter, you’re sucked into a portal of greenery and vibrant music. The maitre d’ found us seating to which the style surprised me. Plantasia is an environment with an Asian theme thus the Plant’asia’ name. So the theme continued for the seating and tables where we sat at floor level on comfortable seats.

It took a little while before the waiter asked for our order. But it was expected as the restaurant was busy. It also took a little bit of time to review the menu. There were so many vegan options, the likes of which I didn’t really have an idea for. So my friend made a few recommendations, to which I chose Kushi Manchego, and Pad Thai.

Kushi Manchego is a complex appetizer. It is a skewer with a cheese-like texture on the inside made of the cashew nut and on the outside covered with breadcrumb-substance made of amaranth. The flavors were rich and it became fun to guess what it was made of.

The pad thai was also very good. It was made of rice noodles, tamarind, shitake stock, tofu, wok vegetables, peanuts, and chili peppers.

Vegan pad thai at a restaurant called Plantasia in Roma Mexico City

Pad Thai was ordered above. This vegan dish was packed with flavor.

I ordered the above two. And my friend ordered Tacos Peking and the Kushi Banana.

The Tacos Peking is made with shiitake and cremini mushrooms, BBQ hoison, vegetables, tempeh, and harina tortillas.

It was a short wait for the food to come out. Everything was delicious and I couldn’t tell if I preferred my dish more than the Tacos Peking.

Vegan banana and cheese on a stick at a restaurant called Plantasia in Roma Mexico City

One is a banana covered with crumbs on a stick. The other is vegan cheese with crumbs on a stick. Both are equally delicious.

I honestly believe you could order whatever is on the menu, and it would be delicious.

I highly recommend this place for the ambiance, music, flavor, and health-conscious meal.





The entrance of a vegan restaurant in Roma Mexico City called Forever

The front entrance of Forever.

This is another great vegan place. It’s a very cozy atmosphere here with pleather couch seating on one side of the tables. There is also good upbeat music that fills the environment.

Selection of 5 artisan cheeses made with cashew nuts, accompanied by seed crackers, seedless green grapes and peach jam. Cheese options: Black truffle goat cheese. Aged cheese. Red wine crusted goat cheese. Natural camembert cheese. Garlic tomato camembert cheese. Mature geotrichum goat cheese.

At this restaurant, we ordered so many dishes. Needless to say, I was happy and content by the end of the night. Here’s what we ordered:

  • Tabla de quesos maduros artesanales – This translates to artisanal mature cheese platter. It was laid with 5 artesian cashew-based kinds of cheese, seed crackers, seedless green grapes, and peach jam. The cheeses were: black truffle goat cheese, aged cheese, red wine-crusted goat cheese, natural camembert cheese, garlic tomato camembert cheese, and mature geotrichum goat cheese.
Vegan cheese platter with wine in Roma Mexico City called Forever
  • Tostadas de Sashimi – AKA Sashimi Toast is a salmon sashimi imitation. I was surprised at how close the watermelon-based texture was to salmon. There was also a smokey oily salmon-like flavor for the aftertaste. The actual ingredients were: watermelon, avocado, chipotle mayo, fried poro (a type of seaweed), and green chile.
Vegan salmon tacos in Roma Mexico City called Forever
  • Flores TempuraTempura Flowers are made with squash blossoms stuffed with cashew ricotta, mayonnaise-chipotle, and ponzu-piloncillo. The flowers were fried to a crispy exterior while the insides were moist and flavorful. It reminded me of tempura-fried shrimp.
  • Tacos Ribeye Beyond – These tacos are made of asparagus, avocado, caramelized onion, white wine, and pico de gallo. The flavors were very bold and the asparagus gave a good crunch. I think I might have preferred these over actual ribeye tacos.
Ribeye vegan tacos in Roma Mexico City at a restaurant called Forever.




Por Siempre Vegana 2

This restaurant is one block away from where I currently live in Roma Sur. If you walk too fast you may not see the restaurant on the block. Por Siempre Vegana 2 is a small hole in the wall that’s packed with one of Mexico City’s highly rated vegan food.

It’s not as fancy as the other two restaurants I’ve just mentioned. The ambiance here has a more down to earth feel to it. For example, you order at the front of the kitchen where the menu and the food display faces the sidewalk. From there you can eat at the terraza outside or a small eating area inside.

Here are some well noted foods to try:

  • Tacos al Pastor
  • Chorizo Rojo Torta
  • Chile en Nogada

The tacos are evergreen. But if you’re in Mexico City in September, you should try the Chile en Nogada – it’s a food emblematic of Mexico City as it represents their Independence Day.

Also this place receives 4711 reviews from Google at a rating of 4.5 stars. Some review highlights of this place are:

  • Best tacos
  • Cool vibe
  • Good service
  • Cheap food

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