What Are Some Things To Do In Dubai After Midnight?

The city that never sleeps has plenty for you to do and see in the wee hours if you know where to look for them. Aside from its stunning architecture and unique entertainments such as the Glow Garden and the Lost Chamber underwater aquariums, Dubai also happens to be home to some of the most amazing nightclubs you’ll find gathered together in one city. So what places are a definite must-see when you are in Dubai?

We’ve put together 10 of the best club listings that Dubai has to offer so that YOU can decide.

We’ll tell you a little about each club, where to find it, what their hours of operation are, and what kind of dress code you can expect in advance.

Pay close attention to that dress code as well because in Dubai, if you don’t dress sharp then you WON’T be getting inside!

Now let’s talk about some of the 10 best clubs for your after-midnight Dubai experience!

Cirque Le Soir

If you want something both strange and memorable then consider dropping by the Cirque Le Soir. This nightclub sports a circus theme that you have to see to believe. With clowns, magicians, jugglers, fire eaters, and the latest beats to get you moving, to really get the most out of your experience you should go on Monday for their famous ‘Hip Hop Chic’ night.

 This ‘Circus of the beat’ experience has won awards so if Hip Hop is your thing then you will want to be sure not to miss out. If you can’t make it on Monday, don’t worry too much about it because each night has a different theme.

Dress freaky but make it elegant and tasteful, you’ll see why once you get inside!

Location: Fairmont Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road, in the Trade Centre Area

Entry Fee: Approx. 370 AED for 2 people ($100 USD)

Hours of operation: 11PM to 3AM – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

White Dubai

When it come to high-tech opulence this outdoor nightclub delivers. So much so, celebrity sightings are commonplace at White Dubai. The atmosphere is something that you really should experience. Not uncomfortable in the least, temperature is regulated by ground-vents which provide cooling air while your ears take in the delights of the best sound system setups that money can buy. Music-wise, you can expect the latest and greatest EDM and Hip Hop at White and while there is a dress code, casual is often okay at this posh party palace. To make sure that there aren’t any problems, avoid sports attire and men should stick to collared shirts, jeans, and dress shoes to ensure their ingress is not hampered.

Location: Rooftop of the Meydan Racecourse Grandstand

Entry Fee: Varies, generally AED 70 – AED 200 (with one drink included) (approx. $20 – $54.50 USD) but it is free on some nights if you are not booking a table and early arrival can sometimes get you a discount as well.

Hours of operation: 11PM to 4AM Wednesday – Saturday

Armani Privé

If you want something a little less crowded but no less opulent, consider the Armani Prive for your nocturnal delights. Located inside the Burj Khalifa, you can indeed see a spectacular sunset if you arrive early enough but for the late goers there is still the fountain show, spectacular when viewed on high. The Armani Prive offers live, private shows at times and DJ’s are present at others, with its smaller sized venue giving a more intimate experience than some of the larger free-for-all nightclubs. Music varies based on the night, with selections of classics, R & B, Deep, Trap, Hip Hop, and Dj’s choices. Their dress code is described as ‘Smart and Elegant’ eveningwear and you won’t want to arrive alone. Only mixed groups and couples are allowed as walk-ins. Ladies should check in advance to see if it’s ladies night, because their drinks are then FREE! So if you want to taste the good life without worrying about those crowds, consider the Armani Privé for the evening’s entertainment!

Location: Armani Hotel Dubai inside the Burj Khalifa, at Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd No 1

Entry fee: AED 300 for two people ($82 USD, although if you wish a table you will need to rent one at additional cost)

Hours of operation: 10PM to 3AM on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

People by Crystal

Located at the peak of the pyramid on the 18th and 19th floor of the Raffles hotel, People by Crystal has won quite a few awards for the atmosphere which they have cultivated. Mixing R & B music and House, People by Crystal lets you dance to your heart’s content with a 360 view of Dubai’s skyline surrounding you. It’s quite intense. Make sure that you dress your best, however, as the dress code here is very strict Smart/Casual. No sports apparel and don’t be TOO casual or you won’t get inside, folks. That said, this is one of the trendiest bars in Dubai and a lot of top acts have been known to show up for live performances, so we highly recommend you spend a little party time in the pyramid!

Location: Raffles hotel – 18th and 19th floor – Umm Hurair Road

Entry fee: None (but entrance priority may be given to those who have reserved tables)

Hours of operation: 11PM – 3AM – Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Chameleon Club Dubai

If you want some amazing atmosphere to go with your night out on the town, head up to the Byblos hotel and up to the penthouse level for the Chameleon Club Dubai. Designed by architect Italo Rota, the inside sports 60,000 LED lights spread about to capture your eye and yes, there IS a Chameleon to watch over you (you can’t miss it!).

This club is definite eye-candy. As far as the music, this will depend on the night, for instance, Monday has Hip Hop and R&B. You can hear other music on different nights, with their in-house DJ making selections of House, Fusion, and sometimes 80’s classics as well. Dress is going to be smart-casual and ladies drink free on Tuesdays, so consider the Chameleon if you fancy a late night that you won’t forget!

Location: Byblos hotel – Sheikh Zayed Road

Entry Fee: 100 AED (approx. $27 USD)

Hours of operation: 8PM – 3AM, open every day but Wednesday

Soho Garden

An open  air venue, Soho Garden offers exquisite poolside lounging and 4 bars to keep you occupied. You can also grab a meal while you are there or rent a table and a shisha to relax with as you enjoy the tunes. The music at Soho Garden is generally going to be EDM, House, Hip Hop, and R&B and live acts are present all the time. Dress code for Soho Garden is going to be a collared shirt, jeans, and dress shoes for guys so don’t bring your sneakers or they might not let you in. If you are looking for a little dancing and a lot of lounging, Soho Garden might be the right fit for you.

Location: Meydan Racecourse Grandstand

Entry Fee: Usually free (although tables must be rented if you want one)

Hours of operation: 5PM – 2AM from Wednesday to Sunday

Stereo Arcade

If you love retro 80’s and 90’s music and video games, then Stereo Arcade might be just the late night adventure for you. Hosting 12 custom arcade kiosks where you can play games if you don’t feel like dancing, Stereo arcade is excellent source for nostalgia. While there is Techno and Synth music, modern hits as well as music from the 80’s and 90’s is played regularly there, so you can get a break from all of those Hip Hop clubs for just a little while.  They are also open EVERY DAY, as this club is technically 2 venues rolled up in one, with the dancing portion of the club open on Thursday and Friday nights. Casual dress is okay here, so prepare for an amazing meld of the past and the future at Stereo Arcade Dubai!

Location: Jumeirah Beach at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Dubai

Entry fee: AED 100 ($27 USD)

Hours of operation: The ‘Boom room’ is open from Sunday to Saturday from 6PM – 3AM while the Club proper is open on Thursday and Friday from 10PM to 3AM

Jules Bar

If you are stuck overnight in Dubai and want to avoid the flash and pomp of the local nightclubs then Jules Bar might be a good fit for you. One of the oldest Filipino bars in town, their amazing menu includes Tex-Mex and Filipino favorites for you to enjoy, along with good old fashioned hamburgers if you’d like. That’s not all, however, on the dining side, as their menu includes a number of vegetarian and vegan friendly options to choose from as well. Live music is available on some nights and this is one of the few places in Dubai that you can still hear some good old rock and roll if you like. With most bars and clubs playing only Hip Hop and House, if you are looking for good grub and a rocking time after hours then the Jules Bar is the place for you!

Location: Airport Road at the Le Meridien Dubai

Entry Fee: None

Hours of operation: 12PM – 2:45AM, open every day but Wednesday

Analog Room

If you are serious about your electronic music and like the idea of not bothering with that whole ‘dress code’ issue then the Analog room is ready and waiting. With 10 DJs, a sweet sound system, and minimalist decor, the Analog room is dedicated to quality techno and House and heavily promotes local artists. This means that you have a chance to soak in the culture at the same time that you are savoring new beats from the best of the best in the Dubai region. It’s all about the music instead of the dress code and that is as it should be!

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road behind the IBIS Al Barsha hotel

Entry fee:  75 AED ($20 USD)

Hours of operation: 7PM – 1AM on Wednesdays and 10PM – 3AM on Thursdays and Fridays

Base Dubai

An open air venue equipped with dazzling lights and pyrotechnics, Base Dubai is a nightclub that projects the feel of a high-end concert.  Some nights it is EXACTLY like this, as the club hosts top performers from all over the globe. The music, typically EDM, House, or Hip Hop, is all played over what may be the best surround sound setup in Dubai. We’re not kidding about the sound, either, as it’s capable of making ripples in your drink when the bass drops. Check it out for yourself and see! Dress up for the occasion, however, as Smart Casual and Smart Elegant are the way to go here. Sandals or sneakers and sports apparel are definitely not permitted either, so be sure to dress to the nines to make sure that you are admitted. Base Dubai is open until 4AM but it will still seem like you didn’t get enough time!

Location: Dubai Design District

Entry fee: Varies, but expect to pay at least 75 AED ($20 USD)

Hours of operation: 11PM – 4AM Monday as well as Thursday through Saturday

Frequently Asked Questions about Things to do in Dubai after Midnight

1. How old do you have to be if you want to go clubbing in Dubai?

You will need to be at least 21 years of age in order to go clubbing in Dubai. Some clubs, however, will insist that you are at least 25 years of age so you will want to be sure to check your location in advance to avoid any potential issues.

2. Are clubs closed during Ramadan in Dubai?

Yes, many clubs will be closed. Some will still be open, however, there will be no live music or dancing out of respect for Ramadan. If you will be in Dubai during this time then it is recommended that you check in advance to ensure the establishment will be open.

3. Is Dubai a safe place to be walking late at night?

Dubai is actually one of the safest places to visit in the Middle East. That said, you should still keep your wits about you like you would anywhere in the world. Drink responsibly when you are out for a night on the town in Dubai, as this can not only get you mugged but public drunkenness is against the law in Dubai and you could get fined or imprisoned. Other than this, stick to ‘common sense’ rules, such as not leaving your bags or other items of value unattended at your table and never accepting offered rides from strangers.   

4. How expensive is a Taxi in Dubai?

While Dubai is known as a playground for the fabulously wealthy, this doesn’t mean that it should cost you an arm and a leg to travel. Taxis can be hired for blocks of certain numbers of hours or simply called as needed and the rates are quite reasonable. A 20 mile trip might run you $20-$25 USD. Compare this to getting a Taxi in Dallas, Texas or in London and you’ll find that it’s quite a bit cheaper to get around in Dubai. Not all Taxi drivers are the same, however, so be sure to get a quote in advance for delivery to your destination to avoid any issues. Also, don’t forget the Dubai Metro, which runs until 1AM and will only cost you AED 2.00 – 6.50, which comes to about 54 cents USD to $1.77 and is an experience all it’s own!

5. Can you hold hands in Dubai?  

We don’t recommend that you hold hands in Dubai unless you are married. Local laws are very strict in regards to public displays of affection and if you are caught holding hands, hugging, or kissing in public then you could find yourself in legal trouble. A precaution that you can take is to refer to each other as husband and wife, rather than as ‘my boyfriend’ or ‘my girlfriend’. This is important to avoid locals potentially reporting you and also due to the fact that unmarried couples are not allowed to stay in a hotel together legally. While a lot of leeway is given to tourists you would be well-advised to avoid public displays of affection out of respect for local custom.

6. Do all bars in Dubai have a cover charge?

Quite a lot of places will not require a cover charge. Just look for ‘No cover’ on the sign and if you are planning on visiting a place with a cover charge then be sure to check ahead. Some nights will be running promotions where you can get a discount or even no cover at all. Alternately, during popular times to visit Dubai, cover may be a little higher than normal so you should play it safe by always checking ahead in advance.

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