What to Wear in Mexico City

What to Wear in Mexico City

In 2021, I spent a little over a month in Mexico City. What to wear was not the biggest concern I had while there. At the same time, my fashion isn’t completely off point. For a guy, I think it’s fine.

I did notice people’s fashion there is what you find in a major city in the USA. People do have a keener sense of fashion. But I wouldn’t say extravagant. If I were to advise people on what to wear in Mexico City, I would say:

Mexico City is a metropolitan where people dress comfortably but at the same time with taste. Shirts, pants, shorts, and shoes, are commonplace; whereas sandals are not as much. And dawning something warmer is applicable during the rainy seasons.

I wear the same thing basically to any city I go to. Partly because I have been living abroad for a few years now, and need to keep my luggage light.

Fashion and Mexico City’s Climate

Mexico City’s climate is temperate all year long. However, there are seasons where there is more rain than in other seasons.

Rainy Season (Summer)

The rainy season is June through October. Even though it is a time of rain, it is considered summer just because it’s a little warmer than usual. The highs get to 79F versus the highs of 73F for winter.

During the rain season, the most important thing to add to your accessories would be a good umbrella or waterproof overcoat.

Dry Season (Winter)

The lows during this season get to 41F versus the 55F of the summer weather.

You may want to get a light jacket if you go out at night with this temperature.

How Locals Dress in Mexico City

Have you been to NYC? Or any major metropolitan hub?

If you have, you’ve noticed different styles depending on occasion and location. Mexico City is very much like this.

But the default seems to be smart casual. Especially in Mexico City’s neighborhoods of Roma Norte, and Condessa.

In the Polanco neighborhood, people are usually there to experience an outing or shopping. It is considered one of the finest neighborhoods in CMDX. Here you will find a range of smart casual to a little more well dressed.

Don’t wear this in Mexico City

Unless you want to fit in with the tourists, don’t wear anything that would make you look like one.

This includes:

  • Sombrero
  • Poncho
  • Serapes
  • Sandals (if you’re not at the beach)
  • Large cameras around your neck
  • Fanny packs

This list isn’t just for Mexico City, but any other destination where you are a tourist. For the most part, what you wear in the city you live, and the occasion you wear it should be the same way you choose to dress in other cities you are visiting.

Not standing out like a tourist is a plus for fashion, but also safety. You don’t want to be seen as someone not savvy to travels or the location you’re at.

What I Wear in Mexico City

My typical travel fashion

I travel light with bare mininum clothing accessories. However, the accessories I choose are sensible.

The criteria I have for any city, not just Mexico City are:

  • Color-coordinated
  • Well-fitted
  • Agreeable to the occasion
  • Agreeable to the weather

For my body type that usually looks like skinny jeans and a slim fit shirt.

Sometimes I will wear a hat if it’s sunny outside or I will be walking around.

For shoes, I have a pair of leather boots which I bought in Mexico City. They are comfortable to wear if I’m walking around the city all day.

My outfit is perfect because it fits the weather and I can wear it on almost any occasion.

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