Where can I Buy Tickets for the Dubai Opera?

Looking at the packed schedule of the Dubai Opera, one would never imagine that the building has only been around for a little over three years. But between the sleek ultra-modern look of the building and the vast array of shows offered, it is clear to see how the house has turned into a significant destination hub for both locals and tourists in such little time. If you are considering experiencing the magical allure of the opera house for yourself, booking a ticket is something you must do in advance. Popular shows get sold out rather quickly.

“Where can I buy tickets for the Dubai Opera?”, is probably the question you are asking at this point. There are only two official places to shop from when looking to buy tickets to the Dubai opera. These are Dubai Opera’s (1) website, and (2) Box Office, which opens daily from 10 am to 9 pm. The box office is within the Dubai Opera Plaza on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. Beware of anyone else/site purporting to offer tickets, as they could be fraudsters.

Buying tickets to the opera is easy. However, coming armed with some vital information will help you enjoy a smooth experience getting into the opera and an even greater time at your show. So, we have gone ahead and addressed all the frequently asked questions regarding buying tickets for the Dubai Opera.

What Shows are Available?

One of the attractions of the Dubai Opera is its genius architecture. The opera house is structured to transform from concert to theatre, to flat floor banquet hall at the push of a button. Because of this design, the house hosts everything from classic musicals to concerts by famous musicians, to theatre performances, and even occasional art exhibitions and fashion shows. A quick visit to the Dubai opera website is all it takes to learn of all upcoming shows.

How Much do Tickets Typically Cost?

The great thing with shows at the opera house is that there is a budget for everyone. Ticket prices range from as low as AED 95 to over AED 7600. Naturally, the show you will be watching is what will determine how much you pay.

Another factor that influences ticket prices is seating. The 2000-seater capacity auditorium has its seats spread over a 3-level seating arrangement of Stalls, Royal Circle, and the Grand Circle. Stalls make up the ground level and are closest to the stage. The royal circle is a level higher than the stalls and is situated at the center of the auditorium, while the grand circle is the most outward level and is set higher than both the stalls and royal circle. Stall seats fetch the heftiest price due to their closeness to the stage, while those at the grand circle are the cheapest since you don’t get a prime view of the action.

How do I get the Tickets I Want?

The simpler and more convenient way is online. The Dubai Opera website is accessible 24/7 and gives you a chance to peruse all upcoming shows. This way, you can identify the show you will enjoy most depending on your preference and budget. There is a ‘What’s On’ menu on the website and a BUY TICKET tab for each performance option.

The other option is to make it the Box Office. It is an excellent chance of getting a glimpse of the building if you have never been there before. You can even tour the opulent streets of Downtown Dubai on your way to the Dubai Opera. The building is in the heart of downtown Dubai (on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard) with the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Fountain, making up its neighbors. This strategic location makes it rather easy to find the building even if you are a first time visitor.

You can travel by train, more specifically the Red Line to the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall metro station. You can also travel by bus, in which case you will get off at the stop in front of the Dubai Mall metro station. From that stop, the opera house is a short 15-minute-walk away. There are also the options of riding a taxi, which will drop you right outside the Dubai Opera or using Google maps to guide you to the plaza when driving yourself.

What Happens after Buying Tickets?

If you shop by way of the Box Office, you will receive a ticket stub, which you will present on the day of the show. Keep it safe and in good condition until the day of the show. With online shopping, there three possible delivery options. You can opt to:

  1. Print the Ticket
    The ‘Print Ticket’ option is what you get for most shows. It only allows you to print out ticket details (including a barcode) after completing your purchase. Your printer needs to capture every detail as tickets go through scanning before you get authorization to enter into the auditorium.
  2. Collect Ticket Venue
    If you do not have access to a printer or fear losing the ticket, a ‘collect from venue’ option is also offered. It entails showing up at the Box Office on the day of the show with ID, email purchase receipt (provided at the time of purchase), and the credit card used for the purchase in hand. The box office is a busy place, so make sure to arrive early.
  3. Store Ticket in your Mobile Phone
    The last option entails using a mobile display of the ticket (in PDF form) to get into the auditorium. Only a few select shows present this ‘Mobile Ticket’ option during purchase.

Everything Else You Need to Know

• There is an Option for Group Tickets

If you have chosen the Dubai Opera as a weekend destination with friends or tour spot with family, have one person buy all the tickets in one go. Group tickets tend to come at a discounted price. However, you have to be a group of 10 or more people.

• Everyone Must Present a Ticket Before Entry

Whatever form your ticket is in, you cannot get into the auditorium without producing it. There are ushers at the entrance of the hall who collect and scan tickets for admission. If you are in a group, the person who bought the tickets will be the one presenting them.

• Proof of Purchase is Acceptable

Nothing is more annoying than planning for a fun outing in advance only to realize you forgot something crucial during the day of the planned event. We have all been there. Lucky for you, forgetting your ticket is not the bad experience you will be taking away. You can still get into the auditorium if you prove you bought the ticket.

A call to your credit company is one way to show you bought tickets. However, if you used cash, the email exchanges from your purchase can serve as proof. You will also need to produce your ID and pay an extra AED 30 for the re-issuance of the ticket.

• Buy Food in Advance

You will need fuel or coffee to sit through a 2-hour (or longer) show. The opera house has a food stall that sells an array of foodstuffs, including snacks, sandwiches, and water. Most people tend to make use of the stall during a 20-minute break offered in between every show. If the hall is packed, you may find yourself standing in line the entire duration of the break. Buy your food before heading in for the show to avoid the hustle.

• You Must Arrive in Good Time

Arriving late to the opera is not an option. Once the doors of the hall close, you will not be allowed inside until the show takes a break. And, even then, the officials may assign you a random seat to avoid disturbing those who are already in the hall.

Doors to the Dubai Opera’s beautiful foyer open 2 hours before a performance starts, while doors to the auditorium open 30 minutes before the show. Therefore, this gives you enough time to show up, take photos, buy food, and be seated well before the show starts.

• No Refund Policy

Before buying a ticket, make sure you will be available during the day and time of the show. Once you buy a ticket, it cannot be refunded. The only time you can get a refund is when the house re-schedules a show, and you cannot make it on the newly set day.

• Re-selling Your Ticket Requires Explicit Permission

If you cannot make it to a show for whatever reason, get in touch with the Dubai Opera immediately. As per Ticketing Terms and Conditions (listed in detail on the website), tickets cannot be re-sold without prior consent from the Dubai Opera. What’s more, you cannot use the ticket for promotional or advertising purposes. Once the house finds out, officials will cancel the resold ticket immediately.

Final Word

So, that covers everything you ought to know about buying tickets for the Dubai Opera. Remember, you can purchase tickets from the Dubai Opera Box Office or website. Also, keep your ticket safe and be among the first people to arrive when the opera house opens its doors for a great experience.

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