Easiest Way for Day Trips from Medellin

I met up with local friends while I was in Medellin who were so welcoming, I didn’t know what to do. One of their suggestions was to take a quick tour of the surrounding areas. When I showed interest, they drove me there!

Locally recommended day trips from Medellin include a two-hour transport to end up in a town called Guatape to visit a giant rock called el Penol. The journey to and from the destination can have stops where you can experience authentic Colombian ways and history.

Not everyone is going to be able to find friends to cater to day trips. That’s why there are custom tour options in Medellin for a streamlined inclusive guide. But if you’re going to Medellin for a while, why not make friends?

A Medellin Tour Guide for Your Day Trip

For me, I had a pretty sick set up as soon as I arrived at Medellin airport. I had friends who were locals that knew I was coming and wanted to host. They went all out on hosting too, like taking time out of their day to show me around Medellin and Guatape.

Your process of finding a Medellin day trip to Guatape will be different but can be simple. Catered services are abundant and usually all-inclusive, costing $30 to $200. This can include same-day transportation to and from Medellin as well as multiple stopping points. These services can even be booked online for convenience and preparation.

If you don’t want to figure out the transportation, where to get off and get back on again, book online! It’s simple to arrange your trip through travel agencies who will connect you with an A to Z process without the hassle of trying to figure out stops.

I was lucky to have friends who already knew the right stops to make, not from a transportation perspective, but for the experience. They had a car so we would make stops at some historical sites where I could take photos of traditional Colombian clothing and towns. It was some of the most colorful experiences I have had.

They also did photo shoots of me at the colorful streets and buildings of Guatape.

I know what you’re thinking! And nooo I’m not signed on with any modeling agencies.

For you, I’ll consider branching out of the writing gig.

For you, I would suggest booking online to eliminate stress – I mean you’re already in an unknown environment. Plus it can be pretty cheap.

Eliminate the Stress of Planning, and Book Online

Let’s Start at the most cost-effective price point.

The lower-priced option starts around $30. You have a meeting point to meet at from Medellin. Take an Uber or the equivalent, Taxi Taxi to get there. 

If the directions don’t show up on Google Maps, just show the meeting point to your driver. I have done that multiple times getting around Medellin, and they immediately knew where to take me.

From your meeting point, you’ll meet other travelers to share your experience with!

Your first stop can be on the way to Guatape, called Guarne. There you’ll be served a traditional Colombian breakfast with Coffee. Once filled, you’ll be on your way to climb the rock at Guatape.

You can arrive at Piedra Del Penol or also have a stop at Laguna de Guatape.

Be sure to take photos, these places are for sure Instagram worthy. I took several pre and post summitting the Piedra photos. 

This is me feeling good about myself post summiting Piedra de Penol.

Make sure you bring enough cash for admissions the equivalent to $20 their currency should be plenty.

To get a detailed itinerary, go here.

If you’re looking for more out of your day trip, don’t worry, there’s also an easy option for that. You just got to pay a higher premium.

Next, A Private Tour Guide Directly From Your Hotel or AirBnB

For this option, don’t even bother getting a ride to your meeting point.

You’ll be picked up from wherever you’re staying. On the way to Guatape, you can ask your private tour guide to stop for coffee at the Avoeden Cafe. Be sure to ask!

On this trip you’ll be visiting Guatape, Piedra Del Penol, Laguna de Guatape and Iglesia de Nuestra Senora del Carmen.

I’ve walked through Guatape. That’s another very picturesque environment filled with colors. I like it when towns are colorful, it makes me feel more alive.

Also, as a side note, their foods are just as colorful. In Guatape we ended up eating at a restaurant where I had Bandeja Paisa. Talk about keto-friendly. This was fats galore. Pork, eggs, sausages, avocado, you name it.

Yeah… I ate all that. Who knew Bandeja Paisa was a good post summit meal?

That’s also a beer before 5PM. Cause, no f**x given.

You’ll have time to walk around Guatape. If you wanted to try a local dish ask for Bandeja Paisa. 

Because you have a private tour guide, be sure to make use of their knowledge of local foods and the area. These are professionals who make a living from their entertainment and wealth of knowledge.

Here’s the tour, if you wanted more information to book your premium day trip.

My Return Back

My Medellin day trip to Guatape was filled with many stops and adventures. 

I tried the fruits from the fruit vendors from the side of the road.

I had a local delicacy called Bandeja Paisa. Also, I didn’t mention this, but there was a guy from Argentina who played us a song on his guitar while we ate.

I ascended the giant rock, La Piedra del Penol. From the top, I saw the blue lakes that surrounded it.

I was pretty tired at the end of it all. And I’m sure you would be too after all of that. I deserved a nap. 

And so, that’s exactly what I did on the car ride back.

Good luck staying awake on your ride back to Medellin. 

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