How to Dress at the Burj Al Arab

I want to know about the dress code as I am planning on booking a stay at the Burj Al Arab and trying out their restaurants. The Burj Al Arab is one of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai and of the seventh tallest hotels in the world. As some venues in Dubai do require a specific dress code I  want to make sure that I am dressed for the occasion.

Is there a dress code for Burj Al Arab? The dress code for the Burj Al Arab is smart casual or smart elegant and mostly applies when you are visiting the bar or restaurants. The general rule is that men should wear a collared shirt, full-length trousers, and closed shoes, and women should dress modestly by either wearing a suit, dress or long skirt.

When dining at the Burj Al Arab you should avoid wearing any revealing or provocative clothing and any of the following items:

  • T-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Flip flops/sandals
  • Miniskirts 
  • Swimwear
  • Fitness clothing
  • Running shoes

When just hanging out at the hotel and not dining at the Burj Al Arab casual wear is permitted which consists of a t-shirt, jeans or shorts. When visiting the restaurants traditional UAE dress is also acceptable.

Smart Elegant or Smart Casual?

One of the best dining experiences that you will ever have is at the restaurants of the luxurious Burj Al Arab. This classy seven-star hotel has the most exquisite taste when it comes to fine dining. Whether smart elegant or smart casual, your dress code will depend largely on the time of the meal and which restaurant or bar you visit.

At lunchtime, the dress code is usually smart casual which may consist of a polo shirt or a short-sleeved collared shirt, long pants or a pair of jeans, and closed shoes. For women, it is acceptable to wear a long dress, skirt or dressy slack and top with closed shoes. Try not to wear anything that is too casual or revealing and keep your shoulders and knees covered.

Gold on 27

Dress code: Smart Elegant

The Gold on 27 is a bar at the Burj Al Arab which gives an amazing view from the 27th floor. The venue has a beautiful theme where everything from the walls to the barstools looks like it is coated in Gold. As this is a classy venue the dress code listed on the website is smart elegant which mainly means that you should dress formally.

They have recently introduced a series of new concepts which include a soft cocktail called Golden Flowers. They also put together an exciting gastro-bar menu where all of the dishes have an Arabic influence. You can also relax with their shisha experience where you can choose from 20  shisha flavors to fit your mood.

You are guaranteed to have a magical experience at Gold on 27 as they have great music to suit the breathtaking view from the 27th floor. A really chilled out atmosphere which is great for socializing is created by soulful house and lounge music in the background. Great view, stylish decor, chilled out music and awesome company is a recipe for kicking back and having the most memorable night ever.

Skyview Bar and Restaurant

Dress code: Smart Elegant

The Skyview Bar is also situated on the 27th floor of the Burj Al Arab and is famous for its breathtaking view and afternoon tea experience. Treat yourself to a seven-course meal with unlimited tea, coffee, finger sandwiches, scones, and pastries. This venue is also licensed to sell alcohol so feel free to kick back and have a few drinks with your meal.

The interior of the restaurant is beautifully stylish and luxurious and guarantees an amazing dining experience. This is a very sophisticated venue so you will probably want to give the flip flops a skip as the dress code is smart elegant. When dining at the Skyview bar and restaurant you will be dining in the height of sophistication so it is important to look the part. 

The best part of the whole experience is the awesome view which makes an afternoon tea at the Skyview lounge unforgettable. Even though the prices are quite high, it is definitely worth it as the value that you will be getting out of this encounter justifies the experience. It is time to spoil yourself and indulge in a luxurious experience at the Skyview bar and restaurant.


Dress code: Casual/Smart casual

The best Asian cuisine in Jumeirah, you should definitely visit Junsui. The venue is classy yet family-friendly where you will be served a magnificent pan-Asian feast with Swarovski crystals adding beauty to the decor. If you love Asian food you can choose between Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, and Indonesian cuisine which has been prepared by 25 master chefs.

This is a much more laid back atmosphere so for breakfast and lunch you can show up with normal casual attire. However, during dinner, you will have to drop the t-shirt and shorts and dress up a bit as the dress code goes to smart casual in the evenings. For men a collared shirt and a pair of jeans with closed shoes are acceptable.

Even though the venue is family-friendly, they also have a bar, so you can still enjoy a nice cocktail if you like. The great service and luxury surroundings make this a perfect place to kick back and enjoy some of the best Asian cuisine that Dubai has to offer. It is definitely worth bringing your family and friends to Junsui and spoiling them.

Al Mahara

Dress code: Smart Elegant

This beautiful restaurant offers fine dining in a unique setting. The entire theme of the restaurant is aquatic and the walls are set with a beautiful aquarium. The relaxed atmosphere and great seafood surrounded by beauty make for a very romantic and intimate dining experience.

This venue is very classy and sophisticated and the perfect place to spoil your spouse. As the dress code is smart elegant you will want to opt for wearing something a little more stylish to the restaurant. This fine dining experience is something truly luxurious and unforgettable.

The head chef is Kim Joinie-Maurin makes sure that you get some of the best quality seafood for your four-course meal at Al Mahara. The venue is also licensed to serve alcohol so you can enjoy a nice glass of wine with your loved one. Eating at Al Mahara is a beautiful experience in an intimate setting that both you and your spouse will enjoy.

Bab Al Yam

Dress code: Casual/Smart Casual

This is another family-friendly restaurant where you will be served delicious contemporary dishes. The theme at this restaurant has an Eastern decor and style with European cuisine. This amazing poolside restaurant also has a first-class view of the Arabian Gulf.

The Bab Al Yam is laid back venue that is great for casual dining. During lunch, the dress code is casual so you can wear some comfortable clothes and relax with family and friends. When Dinner is served you will be expected to cover up a bit more and dress in smart casual style.

The Bab Al Yam makes for a great dining experience with their buffet-style serving setup. During the Islamic holidays, this family restaurant does not serve alcoholic beverages. This is a very beautiful and fun setting that the whole family can enjoy.

Al Iwan

Dress code: Smart Casual/Smart Elegant

This restaurant is on the first floor of the luxurious Burj Al Arab and offers a quintessential Arabian cuisine. This family-friendly restaurant has a diverse mezze menu and a beautiful view of the Arabian Gulf. Al Iwan restaurant offers you a choice between a delicious buffet lunch or dinner and you are also able to purchase alcohol at this venue.

Even though Al Iwan is a restaurant with a casual dining setting the dress code for lunch is smart casual. This means that you will have to dress smartly and avoid wearing shorts or flip flops. The dress code for dinner is smart elegant which is slightly more formal, so avoid wearing jeans.

Some of the special dishes that you can try are Hummus, Moutabel, Fatoush, Babaganoj, Vine Leaves, Spinach Fatayer, Meat Sambousik, Cheese Rocakat, and Lamb Kebbah. With such a great atmosphere for socializing the regular dining experience at Al Iwan can last up to three hours. Bring your family and friends and family to this restaurant for an Arabian experience where you will enjoy yourselves so much that you will lose track of time.

Al Muntaha

Dress code: Smart Elegant

Al Muntaha has a breathtaking view and is located on the 27th floor of the Burj Al Arab. Offering the best in classic and fine French cuisine, this is the perfect intimate setting for spoiling your spouse. Al Muntaha is open for lunch, dinner and a Friday Brunch.

Al Muntaha is a romantic venue where you and your spouse can dine intimately. Therefore, the dress code is smart Elegant so try and dress up for this occasion. With this amazing view, intimate setting and great food you are bound to win over your partner’s affection.

Head chef Franky Semblat has three Michelin stars and has deep knowledge and respect for french cooking. Alcoholic beverages are also available at the restaurant so feel free to kick back and have a few drinks. Al Muntaha is a romantic rooftop restaurant that will give you and your partner a memorable intimate experience.

Scape Restaurant

Dress code: Casual/Smart Casual

This amazing restaurant offers casual dining with a scenic view and is located on the Burj Al Arab terrace. At Scape restaurant you can enjoy timeless dishes from the French riviera while having a couple of drinks. Treat your family and friends to the best Mediterranean cuisine in Jumeirah.

Scape restaurant has a very friendly and informal mood that is great for socializing. Because of the easy-going atmosphere, the dress code for lunch is casual. During the evening, things become less informal and you will be expected to dress in a smart-casual style for dinner.

Scape Restaurant has a free and easy vibe that is complemented by the amazing scenic view of the azure waters in the Gulf. Shisha is also available at the outside bar area of this restaurant, so relax and smoke some pipe with your friends while socializing. Enjoy mingling with family and friends as Scape Restaurant has an amazing social atmosphere.

What else can I do at the Burj Al Arab?

Fine dining is only one of the amazing experiences offered at the glamorous Burj Al Arab. The luxurious hotel has a lot to offer in terms of fun and entertainment. Some of the amazing things that you can experience at the Burj Al Arab includes:

  • Spa and beauty treatments
  • Wedding venues
  • Luxury tours
  • Watch turtle rehabilitation
  • Private yacht charter
  • Waterpark entertainment
  • Golf clubs

Obviously, your dress code will vary according to the activity that you are taking part in while at the hotel. If you are relaxing at one of the pools at the terrace or visiting the water parks of the Burj Al Arab it is totally acceptable to wear swimwear. However, If you are going to a wedding or a luxury tour you may be expected to dress up a bit more.

Rules to keep in mind when wearing swimwear

Whether you are having fun at the beach, a waterpark, or public pool it is totally acceptable to wear your swimming clothes. However, while it is acceptable to wear a bikini at the pool there are some restrictions that you have to be aware of. Wearing the wrong swimwear could get you into trouble.

Avoid wearing swimwear bottoms that are in the style of a thong. Make sure that everything is covered up nicely and that your outfit is not too revealing. Sunbathing while topless is also illegal in Dubai so opting for a one-piece swimsuit might not be a bad idea.

When you are done swimming or visiting a public beach you should cover your body with a T-shirt and shorts. You should also avoid going to restaurants, bars or other venues of the hotel while wearing swimwear underneath your garments. Wet swimwear that could turn clothing transparent is seen as an offense so go up to your hotel room and change first.

Burj Al Arab Terrace Pools

Dress Code: Swimwear/ Casual

Enjoy a relaxing time while soaking up the Arabian sun at the amazing pools on the terrace of the Burj Al Arab. Spanning over 612 square meters the freshwater pool also has a shaded swim-up bar at the center that is perfect for when you want to cool down and have a drink at the same time. The pool is surrounded by luxury sunbeds and day beds if you want to lounge around and try some of the dishes on the pool food menu.

Aside from the freshwater pool, there is also a saltwater infinity pool that seems to blend in with the beautiful Arabian sea that surrounds the entire terrace. You can also loosen up and lift your mood while you enjoy the scenic view at one of the four jacuzzis. There is no better way to spoil yourself than at the luxury swimming pools on the terrace of the Burj Al Arab.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Dress code: Swimwear/Casual

Wild Wadi Waterpark is an Arabian themed waterpark located near the Burj Al Arab hotel. The park first opened in 1999 and has been a popular hit ever since. Treat yourself to an amazing day out as Wild Wadi Waterpark has over 30 fun water rides to choose from.

As this is a public venue where you can swim and have fun it is totally acceptable to dress in swimwear. However, make sure that your swimwear adheres to the Dubai dress code guidelines and don’t wear anything too revealing as this could get you into trouble. You may want to take a T-Shirt and some shorts along to cover up when you are not in the pool.

Watch the Turtle Rehabilitation

Dress code: Casual

Another fun and inspiring experience offered by the Burj Al Arab is the turtle rehabilitation project. You can watch as the rescued turtles are rehabilitated and released back into the wild. Being listed as critically endangered, the hawksbill turtle only has an estimated 8000 nesting turtles left and since 2004 the project has seen more than 1600 turtles released back into the wild.

Having been sick at one stage, all of the turtles that are brought to the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Aquarium team are closely monitored and given medicine. At a later stage, the turtles are transferred to a sanctuary where they are rehabilitated. Be a part of this beautiful project aimed at saving the turtles from extinction.

Private Yacht Charter

Dress code: Swimwear/Casual

It doesn’t get any more romantic than this, explore the beautiful azure waters via private yacht. The Burj Al Arab private yacht charter helps you to take to the Arabian Gulf and relax in style and luxury. Their glamorous yachts include spa facilities, beautifully spacious cabins and they also have a team of hospitality experts onboard ready to cater to your every need.

The onboard team is ready to serve and consists of a chef, hostess, and butler. You can sail on the beautiful blue waters or set anchor and dive in for a swim at any time. Vacation in style, have a long lunch or spoil yourself with a spa treatment.

Things to keep in mind when wearing sportswear

Whether it is at a public gym or at the hotel, when you are going to have a workout in Dubai it is important to wear the right clothes. When working out in the gym it is acceptable to wear normal workout gear. Women should wear longer shorts or running leggings that go past their knees.

Burj Al Arab Spa and Gym

Dress code: Sportswear

If you are all about health and wellbeing, or you just want to bring yourself into balance you should try the state-of-the-art gym. Burj Al Arab Spa offers personalized service and tailor-made training plans so that you can get the most out of your experience. You can choose whether you want to use the mixed or ladies-only spa and workout facilities on the premises.

Their team of trained experts will guide you and show you how to use the modern workout equipment. Whether you want to do revitalizing yoga or HIIT and toning courses, they have a range of gym classes for you to choose from. Here is a link to their Group Class timetable so that you can schedule a workout that is right for you.

Talise Spa at Burj Al Arab

Dress code: Sportswear/ Casual

The ultimate way to pamper yourself is by having a spa treatment 150m above the Arabian Gulf. With a magnificent view like this, relaxing and rejuvenating has never felt better. The chilled-out atmosphere caused by the natural light and the breathtaking view is sure to help you relax.

Separate treatments are available for men and women which ensures total privacy and discretion. Every experience at Talise Spa has been carefully developed through luxurious products that include:

  • La Prairie
  • Aromatherapy Associates
  • QMS 
  • Carol Joy

This glamorous spa also features luxurious indoor infinity pools where you can cool off and relax. You can also choose to make use of the jacuzzi or sauna and steam rooms. With such a heavenly experience, Burj Al Arab has taken pampering to new heights.

If you feel like being active you can also opt for using their squash court. The spa also features a fitness center where you can use their aerobic facilities. The fitness center also has cardiovascular and resistance training equipment that will help you to stay in shape.

If you really want to get the most out of your spa experience you should treat yourself to the Burj Al Arab Journey. This amazing spa experience was specifically developed for guests that are visiting Burj Al Arab. An immersive spa experience that uses natural ingredients that were sourced locally and plays on all of your senses.

The therapeutic massage included in the Burj Al Arab Journey are:

  • The Wave
  • The Sail
  • The Atrium

There are also other treatments available from the Talise spa menu. One of the greatest things about this spa experience is that you get to have all of this amazing pampering done while enjoying an extraordinary view.

Related Questions

Do all the restaurants at Burj Al Arab require smart elegant attire?

No, there are some restaurants at the Burj Al Arab that make for casual dining. Usually, you can dress casually for lunch, but when dinner is served the setting is less informal and you will be expected to dress smart casual. This means that men should wear a collared shirt and long pants or jeans and closed shoes.

What will happen if I don’t adhere to the dress code?

If you do not adhere to the dress code of the restaurant you will be barred from entering and a no-show charge will be applied. Also if you are inappropriately dressed the police may get involved and you could get arrested. In the end, it is better not to resist the authorities and to wear appropriate garments.

Why can I get arrested for wearing the wrong clothes?

Dubai is a Muslim country and adheres to Sharia law. This means that dressing inappropriately is illegal and can cause you to get arrested. The safest way to dress and avoid jail or deportation is to wear loose clothing that covers your shoulders and knees.

What should I do if police or security officers confronted me about my clothes?

If you are approached by a security guard, relax and stay calm at all times. Don’t resist the authorities or make a scene and show that you are willing to cooperate. If possible state that you will go back to your hotel room and change your clothes.

If this is a first-time offense you will most likely only get a warning, however resisting could cause the police to get involved and result in more serious charges. It is a good idea to keep a pashmina shawl with you at all times so that you can quickly cover up when you need to.

Can women wear jeans and a t-shirt in Dubai?

Yes, it’s acceptable for women to wear jeans and a t-shirt in Dubai. However, there are times when a venue will require you to more formally/ smart elegant. In this case, you can opt for a suit or a long formal dress or skirt with a modest yet fashionable top. National UAE dress is also welcome at most restaurants and bars.

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