Sedona Outdoor Markets and Festivals

There are many other ways to enjoy Sedona without hiking, biking, or fishing. I like to attend Sedona’s numerous local festivals when I’m not outdoors. If your visit doesn’t coincide with a local festival, a stroll around local markets and shops is a great way to pass the time. These markets may be seasonal so be sure to double check their website for hours. 

Farmers Markets

The Sedona Community Farmers Market is open throughout the year but its hours and location changes depending on the season. In the summer months, usually beginning early June, the market is open from 8am to 11:30am on Fridays at Tlaquepaque. In the winter, the market is at the Wells Fargo parking lot on Sundays from 11am to 3pm. There used to be a farmers market at the Collective Sedona, in Oak Creek Village, but I haven’t seen it in a while so I don’t think that still happens. 

I love going to the market in the summer. The atmosphere at Tlaquepaque is leagues better than the bank parking lot. Large trees provide shade over the market during the summer. When the sun shines through the tree branches, the golden rays make the scenery very picturesque. I haven’t had trouble parking at Tlaquepaque but I am an early bird. Traffic usually starts to build up noticeably in the area around 11am. 

Selection varies week by week. You can expect to see fresh produce, egs & dairy, jarred products, and baked goods. This is a good place to have breakfast. Similar to a food truck festival, I like to buy a little something at a few vendors until I’m full. 

If you miss the farmers markets, there are a few big-box grocery store options. Clark’s Market is located in Oak Creek Village, but it’s rather pricey. Whole Foods is on Highway 89A near downtown. Lastly, there is a Safeway about half a mile from Whole Foods on Highway 89A. Safeway is my budget choice, especially when I’m dining out often in Sedona.

Artist Markets

A few miles north of the Slide Rock State Park on Highway 89A is the Oak Creek Overlook Vista. The outdoor artist market at the overlook is open daily in the summer (8am-5pm) and in the winter (8am-4pm). This market was established for Native American arts and crafts as part of an agreement signed by the US Forest Service and Native American Community Action. Both organizations oversee the vendors to ensure authentic Native American work. Additionally, the view from here is beautiful. 

There are various outdoor arts and crafts pop-ups throughout Sedona and Oak Creek Village, but none that I know of that operates daily or every weekend. These outdoor pop-ups usually happen around a holiday or busy tourist seasons. 

For indoor artist shops, you have the option to visit the large Sedona Artist Market or the beautiful Tlaquepaque center. From June through October, there is live music in the evenings (except on Mondays) accompanied by a flamenco dancer at Tlaquepaque, which is enjoyable to watch. I personally recommend stopping by various art galleries listed in the two maps created by the Sedona Visitor Center. They created an DIY Art Walk to explore the galleries in uptown Sedona and in west Sedona:

Annual Festivals

This is not a comprehensive list, just a shout out to key festivals happening in Sedona. Definitely check local newspapers and the visitor center websites for events occurring during your visit. Below I’ve organized the festivals by category.

Overall, I hope you’ll find Sedona has more to offer besides hikes and bikes!

Food & Drink

These festivals usually take place outdoors at the Posse Ground Park. Since all three are spread throughout the year, I do recommend all three. I love the casual atmosphere of a food and drink festival. Plus, you’re supporting local businesses! 

  • The Food Truck Festival happens in March. Admission is free but you’ll have to pay for the cost of food and drinks. 
  • Sedona Wine Festival is cancelled for 2020 but is scheduled to take place again in September 2021. If you have the time to volunteer 3.5 hours of your time to the event, you’ll receive a free wine festival admission with full privileges. 
  • Craft Beer Festival (aka Red Rocks Oktoberfest) obviously takes place in October. Tickets come with two beer tokens. The beer is local. Food trucks are parked at the event but food isn’t free. There’s usually a couple live bands.

Art, Music, & Film

Sedona has a vibrant arts culture that can be enjoyed at any time. I’m not a big fan of arts festivals but I’d say the film festival is my favorite from this list.

  • The Film Festival in February is pretty cool. The festival happens in February and showcases independent films in three different locations. 
  • Red Rocks Music Festival has classical music performances from September through October in Phoenix and Sedona. Tickets are sold separately for each performance. 
  • Plein Air Arts Festival is hosted at the Sedona Arts Center in October. Each artist displays six of their own pieces. There’s usually an artist painting during the festival too. These paintings also become available for sale. 
  • There’s also an Arts Festival located at the Sedona Red Rock High School during October as well. There is a fee to enter the event. The fee goes towards the fundraiser for art education in Sedona.

Health & Fitness

These take place in the first half of the year before the summer heat sets in. All are outdoor events and a great way to take in the Sedona scenery.

  • SedonaRun happens in February. The race options are half marathon, 10K, or 5K. Bear in mind the elevation in Sedona is about 4,350 feet (1,326 meters). If you’re used to running at a lower elevation, you may tire more quickly here.
  • In March, there is the Mountain Bike Festival. It’s an exciting event with live music, beer, and food. Tickets are sold as a single-day or three-day pass.
  • Also in March is the Yoga Festival. This is a great environment to practice yoga in. Sedona really fosters a welcoming environment for mindful living.

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